2020: The Year Everything Came into Focus, Against All the Odds

Ask anyone how they’d rate 2020, and it’s fair to say we wouldn’t be seeing too many 5-Star rave reviews!

But, despite all the challenges, there have been some shining moments in the rough this year that deserve to be celebrated and championed…

While it’s difficult to overstate the detrimental impact that the global pandemic has wreaked on mankind both economically and socially, we’d like to emphasize the good things that have come out of 2020 and wrap up the year on a good note! 

To say life as we knew it turned upside-down is more accurate than exaggerated, as societies around the world were forced to adapt to the “new normal”.

Still, there are indeed some incredibly positive things that have emerged out of the chaos that was this year!

In case you missed some of the things we’ve got to smile about, here’s the world’s happiest takeaways from 2020:

4. We Reconnected with Our Circle

I’m not sure about you, but this year, I’ve spent more quality time connecting with my family and inner circle than I probably did over the entire 10 years before it!

We got creative with the ways we touched base, and followed up on maintaining relationships that mattered most.

We had more meaningful conversations that took us on a profoundly fulfilling journey. We left small talk on the table in favor of connecting with genuine investment, words of encouragement, and nourishing care.

We told our loved ones just how much they mean to us, provided them a nurturing support system…

And in turn, we found our loving actions magnified and reflected back to us. It’s been a warm, fuzzy year of meaningful interactions.

3. We Got Outside More!

Being the outdoorsy folks we are around here, we didn’t let any lockdowns keep us from getting our Vitamin Nature and endorphin fix!

The closures of many of our favorite activities meant we had to get more creative with how we spend our leisure time: And when the great outdoors called, we answered. 

For many who had forgotten the bliss of connecting with nature, tiny wonders in our own backyards reminded us of the jewels this planet has to offer.

We switched off the TV, and watched the creatures foraging and the leaves unfurling instead. The outdoors enchanted us with the quiet, unrelenting beauty our souls needed.  

A new generation of adventure lovers was born, and we’ve been joined on the trails by many nature newbies looking to get their entertainment fix from Mother Nature herself.

In a world of chaos, uncertainty and tension, the earth filled our souls with hope, joy, and wonder.

2. We Hit Pause on the Rat Race

Slowing down the world was a confronting concept at first. I know I’m not alone in confessing that I’m a restless enthusiast prone to workaholic tendencies, and I’m hopelessly addicted to constant activity.

By slowing down the never ending obligations, excessive stimulation, and expectations to fit into a schedule, we were able to reassess.

Besides, the schedule we’d been cramming ourselves into for as long as we could remember was actually created for us: It was a product of these modern times that none of us ever really chose.

Now, we’ve taken the reins. We’ve stepped back to discover what is truly worth our precious time, and what’s unnecessary.

Countless entrepreneurs launched their dream business this year. Innovation was born from the catalyst of necessity. We’ve set our own hours, run our own checks and balances, set performance goals, and exceeded them under our own steam. We did it ourselves.

Now, we know from experience just how motivated and productive we can actually be when we’re calling the shots. 

1. We Recognized Our Unsung Heroes

If anything has become vividly clear this year, it’s the importance of our essential workers and how much our society depends on them.

We’re incredibly fortunate to live in a privileged society where all our creature comforts are provided for. Even so, until just this year, many of us have been taking the people who make the magic happen behind the scenes for granted.

All the while, they’ve been working non-stop to make our lives better (without making a big song and dance about it, mind you).

I’ve had the opportunity to feel my gratitude overflowing for these hardworking unsung heroes, and reflect on my appreciation for all our individual contributions that fit together into this beautiful tapestry of life. 

The valiant efforts of healthcare workers in dangerous and arduous conditions has saved lives and been met with rightful praise.

Beyond those in healthcare, essential workers everywhere are still keeping the cogs of our society turning; showing up to make our world a better place.

Teachers and childcare workers, grocery and supermarket employees, delivery drivers, factory and farm workers, plus restaurant staff are all keeping the "wheels on the bus" of our relatively normal lives. We see you, and thank you for all you do.

Without the tireless efforts of our essential workers, society wouldn’t exist as we know it. 

2020 has taught me a lot of things. But most importantly, the thing we can all recognize most at the end of this crazy year is the love that exists all around us.

It’s been a year of pulling together, standing as one. We’ve seen gestures of kindness, incredible support; we’ve been there for each other emotionally. We’ve helped others out when we’re able, and been lifted up when we’re down.

Despite the hardships, this year has brought out the best in all of us. 2020 is not a bust. While it’s certainly tested the mettle of even the toughest among us, we’re now better equipped to stand up in the face of any adversity. 

With the gratitude, understanding and compassion we've all honed this year, society is prepared to shape the coming decade into a better one than this world has ever experienced.

See you out there soon in 2021… It’s gonna be amazing.

Fefe | Greens Steel Eternal Optimist
Nevada, USA


Be prepared for everything 2021 throws at you with The Beast. With a hot cup of coffee, we can take on the world...


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