3 Reasons Why Your Little Ones Will Love Our Upgraded Kids Bottle Design

Any parent knows that having a safe, easy-to-use bottle designed especially for your kids is a game-changer when it comes to daily family life!

But let's face it: Getting your kids to drink enough water has always been an uphill battle. So, when we were redesigning our kids drinkware, we looked to the smallest members of our families to see what would make them reach for their water bottle without a fuss...

The result? Our upgraded Greens Steel Kids Bottles.

Check out these 3 reasons why your little ones will love our new water bottle designs, and always carry them everywhere they go:

3. the Easy-Sip Cap

Little ones will love taking charge of their hydration with confidence! Each Greens Steel Kids Water Bottle comes with an easy-sip cap. No need to worry about your child spilling water or juice all over themselves if they throw their head back for a chug; our caps are designed to release the perfect amount of liquid with every sip – not too much or too little!

If your kiddos prefer drinking out of a straw, these bottles will be an even bigger hit! Each one comes with a removable inner straw that connects to the inside of the lid, so they can sip from the bottle upright without having to tip their head back for a slurp. 

Even better - the removable straw is securely attached on the inside of the cap, so you’ll never need to worry about it getting lost. Perhaps most important for you, each Kids Water Bottle is 100% leak proof, so it’s totally safe for your kids to toss them in their bag or drop them on the floor of the car without any potential spills!

2. Tons of Colors!

Kids love to personalize their accessories, which is why we offer our Kids Water Bottles in a rainbow of fun colors that kids adore. Let them pick out their favorite shade and they’ll have their very own bottle that’s uniquely theirs, and also super easy to identify as their own.

The brightly-colored designs help prevent mix-ups in the playground, or among their siblings during the morning rush out the door.

This makes them ideal if you’ve got multiple kids with different drinks packed for the day. Choose a few in their favorite colors and they’ll never get mismatched or mixed up, avoiding any petty fights in the back seat while you’re driving!

1. The Perfect Size

Last but not least, each Greens Steel Kids Water Bottle is the perfect size and shape for little kids. Their curvy, ergonomic design fits perfectly in small hands, allowing them to easily carry 12 fluid ounces of water without the bottle slipping out of their grip.

This cleverly balanced design is great for younger kids since they’ll be able to easily lift their water bottle to their lips, or carry their bottle around with them during a family outing or around the house. If you need to carry multiple bottles in your bag, rest assured that they won’t be too heavy or awkward for comfort!

Bonus: Perks for Parents

Naturally, each Kids Water Bottle comes with the same high-quality design features and materials as the rest of our eco-friendly offerings for grown-ups. These mini-me versions are durable, dishwasher safe and easy to clean!

These long-lasting kids bottles are made with 18/8 stainless steel inside and out, eliminating the chance of corrosion damage. Plus, they’re completely BPA-free, so there's no need to worry about toxins getting in the water or juice your kids love to drink. Even the caps and straws of our water bottles are made with responsible, safe materials designed to last for years to come!

Here at Greens Steel, we’re dedicated to providing family-friendly, eco-conscious drinkware for all ages. But don’t just take our word for it – try our Kids Water Bottles today and see the difference a great bottle makes in helping your child stay hydrated!

Fefe | Hydrated & Happy Mama
Nevada, USA


Grab a kids water bottle in their favorite color to make drinking water fun!


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