3 Ways to Tell It's Time For a New Tumbler

If you’re already sipping out of a spiffy BEAST tumbler, you can just disregard this entirely- knowing that you’re already the proud owner of the best!

Although, I’m guessing you probably know someone who could really use an upgrade.  If they’re still drinking out of their beat-up old travel mug that’s looking seriously worse for wear, this might be just the (subtle) hint you need to give that spouse/neighbor/parent a nudge in the right direction!  

Think they need some more convincing to jump on the BEAST bandwagon?  

Here’s 3 compelling reasons why a new tumbler is in order:

3. Your Old Faithful is Looking Shabby

Odds are you’ve probably got an old, beat-up travel tumbler kicking around in the back of your kitchen cupboard that you use every now and then.

Or maybe your significant other is just so attached to that old coffee mug from their college days, and you cringe every time anyone sees them still drinking out of it...

Either way, it’s time to get real. I know life isn’t all about keeping up appearances, but what does your drinkware say about you? Are you projecting the image of being rough around the edges, or proudly put-together, sharp and clean?

If your tumbler is dented, scratched, outdated, or just looking like it came from a different era, it’s time to freshen up your modern image.

Even if you’re tough on your drinkware, it doesn’t need to look like you are. The BEAST comes with a diamond-tough, powder-coated exterior in all your favorite colors, and is topped off with a shatterproof Tritan lid.

Put it through its paces and you’ll see that it still looks dashing even after going round the world and back.

Switch up to a fresh new BEAST so you can look the part before anyone gets the wrong idea about your squeaky-clean image!

2. You’re Struggling With Old Technology

You might say that your old faithful tumbler still gets the job done. But have you experienced the new technology in drinkware these days?

If your coffee isn’t staying hot for hours, it’s time to rethink your current cup’s insulating powers. Or maybe your water, juice or protein shake gets hot sitting in the car as you drive to work? Those days of lukewarm drinks are officially behind us, and your drinkware technology is due to catch up

You need the latest and greatest in high-tech drinkware so you can enjoy fresh, delicious beverages right down to the last drop. And then when you’re done, you’ll want to throw it into the dishwasher for an easy clean up.

For this, the BEAST steps up to the plate, packing a serious punch in the thermal retention stakes. Its double-wall vacuum insulation, copper lining, and vacuum-sealed lid mean your drink will stay the ideal temperature for 12 hours straight. Better than your old cup can brag about, I’m guessing!

1. You Don’t Know What You’re Missing

If you haven’t experienced the joy of taking the perfect sip out of a well-designed tumbler, there’s only so much about that I can really express with words. True perfection must be experienced to be believed.

I know you’ve probably gotten used to liquid dripping down your chin when you drink from a regular old travel mug, and you’ve had its slippery surface go sliding out of your hand and crashing onto the ground on more than one occasion.

While you may have accepted those annoying inconveniences as “just a part of taking your coffee on the go”, it’s no longer the case. Ultimate comfort, convenience and usability is the norm with a high-quality travel tumbler like the BEAST.

From its ergonomic design that fits perfectly in your hand, to the lid’s specially-designed sip spout that never dribbles, you’ll wonder why you waited so long to get your hands on some Greens Steel of your own.

Put the annoying days of drink-on-the-go mishaps behind you, and see what you’ve been missing with a shiny new BEAST.

I’ll bet that after its very first use, you’d never dream of reaching for that dingy old tumbler again!

Fefe | Greens Steel Wellness Contributor 
Nevada, USA


Let the BEAST show you exactly how travel tumblers should be done.


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