4 Reasons to Ditch Plastics Cups at Your Next Party

The plastic party cup has well & truly had its heyday…

A long-time staple at backyard barbecues... Ball game tailgates... Birthday parties... and every event in between. 

It was even the subject of a popular country song circa 2011; the red plastic cup is a true cultural icon. 

They were the rite of passage for a successful party in your college days, and they still line the aisles of grocery stores across the country today.

Sentimentality aside, the harsh truth is that these seemingly benign party supplies may be doing more harm than good to you, your wallet, and our planet.

With countless alternative options on the market that are more safe, sustainable, and budget friendly (like our Greens Steel Stainless Steel Cups!), it just might be time to abandon these single-use beverage vessels for good.

Here’s 4 reasons why you’ll be the life of the party when you ditch those plastic cups at your next get-together:

4. Limits Plastic Waste

But aren’t plastic cups recyclable?

The short answer is “no”. Not anymore, at least.

That recycling symbol embedded on the bottom of a plastic product doesn’t always mean as much as you think it does.

While the classic red cups used to be recyclable, recycling facilities (most of them off-shore) have relatively recently started limiting the plastics they accept to certain types of plastics.

Specifically, they're mainly accepting only Types 1 and 2 - for economic reasons (recycling is an industry, after all).

Plastic cups are in fact Type 6 (aka polystyrene). This is the same kind of plastic that makes up styrofoam.

If you’ve been tossing them in your blue bin, chances are, they’re now being sifted out at the recycling plant and sent to the landfill.

...What about decomposable?

Nay! If this is news to you, you’re certainly not alone (sorry, Toby Keith! You’ve been duped). These popular plastic cups are in fact not decomposable, even after 14 years. 

So, you're saying that all the cups discarded after college parties and barbecues since plastic was invented are probably still around?

Unfortunately, yes. They're either still (slowly) rotting away in the ground, or have been incinerated, releasing toxic fumes into the atmosphere for all to enjoy.

3. Better For You

Perhaps you’re already aware of the dangers of exposure to BPA , the harmful chemical often present in plastic. 

We’ve been warned of the chemical exposure risk of drinking hot liquids from plastic, and by now we know to never microwave plastic containers.

Unfortunately, even with these precautions in place, there is still an inherent health risk that comes with regularly consuming out of plastic.

Even if your favorite cups come BPA-free, there are dozens of other potentially toxic chemicals that make up the mixed plastic. 

The worst offenders are namely hydrocarbons styrene and benzene

These suspected carcinogens and neurotoxins can do all sorts of damage when absorbed into your tissue and bloodstream. 

They can even lead to effects later down the road like depression, headaches, fatigue, weakness, hearing loss, and disrupted kidney function.

2. Cost Effective

Let’s talk business, shall we? 

While the price for these bad boys might seem higher upfront, you have to consider the return on investment: 

  • Suppose a 12pk of plastic cups from your local store costs you $4 to $6...
  • Let's assume you’ll go through at least one pack every party.
  • You have company over, say, twice a month. 
That means you’re spending anywhere between $96 and $144 on those plastic cups every year.

At that price point, you could have gotten yourself at least 12 of our snazzy Stainless Steel Reusable Cups, usable all year long... and for years to come!

1. Elevated Experience

Why be flimsy and gaudy when you can be durable and sleek

That’s right, we said it. If those pathetic plastic cups are America’s favorite, then we really need to rethink our standards.

We implore you to give your soiree palace an upgrade!

Be the ultimate party host with our Stainless Steel Reusable Cups. They're equipped with insulating technology to keep your party guests' drinks colder (or hotter) for longer. Plus, they're engineered to last, no matter how rowdy your shindigs get!

There's no time like the present to switch up your party drinkware with Greens Steel’s Collection of Stainless Steel Cups

They’re available in 3 finishes to amplify the theme of your next shindig. 

Choose from:

  • A brushed Silver finish to complement your modern decor;
  • A sleek Black exterior for more moody & grown-up affairs;
  • Or an eye-popping metallic Rainbow that'd make any unicorn jealous.

Grab a pack of each color to level up your entertaining cred to Gatsby-status with Greens Steel!

Cheers to a fun-filled festive season...

Greens Steel Wellness Contributor


Leave the plastic cups on the shelf your next soiree with this perfect party companion…

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