4 Secrets That Make De-Cluttering Your Space Actually Enjoyable

tidying up doesn't have to suck!

It’s that time of year again - The winter blues are nearly over and spring is just around the corner. Which always means one thing... It's time to throw open the windows, let the fresh air in and sweep out all that stuffy winter energy in your home.

Sounds like a scene from a fabric softener commercial, right?

Realistically, most of us can only dream about a day of house cleaning being so joyful... And if your spring cleaning ritual has started to feel like an absolute chore, you're not the only one. Why not make it more fun this year?

I know what you're thinking; “cleaning” and “fun” don’t exactly belong together in the same sentence... But believe it or not, tidying up doesn't have to suck! All it takes is a few tricks to take the sting out of cleaning this spring.

Here's 4 secrets to a rewarding and even, dare we say, fun decluttering session:

4. Don’t try to kill two birds with one stone

It’s easy to lump decluttering in with other home maintenance chores like cleaning and organizing. After all, they all work towards achieving the same goal of a neat and habitable living space.

Not so fast, though! If you confuse these processes with each other and tackle them all together, a simple and quick job has just become three times as massive.

Save yourself time and effort, and avoid becoming overwhelmed by keeping these chores separate. 

3. Take a cue from the guru

We've all heard about the queen of clean, Marie Kondo. This bestselling author and tidying-up expert touts her method as a "lifestyle" and not just a quick fix... But there's still one amazing takeaway that can help us all declutter (even if you're not quite ready to embrace an entire lifestyle change this spring!).  

To get the ball rolling on decluttering day, try her hallmark tip of the KonMari Method as follows: 

"Hold each item you possess in your hands and ask yourself whether it "sparks joy." If the answer is yes, keep it. If not, discard it. Simple as that." -Marie Kondo

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2. Challenge yourself

Got a competitive streak? Use it to your advantage and motivate yourself to get the job done. Here's a couple of different ways to tackle decluttering, with a bit of a twist:

speed test

Perhaps you have a deadline. Say, you’re having some company over, or you just need to get rid of your mess pronto. Try breaking your home into different sections and giving yourself the Speed Test:

  • Pick an area of focus (can be anything from a desk to the refrigerator to a whole room). 

  • Set a timer between 5 and 15 minutes (give the timing your best guess and adjust accordingly).

  • Try to beat the timer, decluttering the area before the alarm sounds! 

30-day Minimalism Game

Got some extra time or a hefty mess to deal with? Slow and steady wins the race! Give this fun Multi-Day Challenge a go:

  • Over the course of a month, you’ll purge the number of items equal to your challenge day.

  • On day 1, you'll toss out one item. Then on day 2, you'll get rid of two things, and so on...

  • If you don't have quite so much stuff to get rid of, you can always modify it to be a week long, or any duration of time that suits your needs.

1. Last but not least, be proactive!

In the case of decluttering, like many other things - prevention is far better than a cure!

The easiest and most effective way to keep your space from becoming a cesspit of old receipts and takeaway boxes (a suspiciously specific example, I'm aware), is by getting rid of clutter as quickly as it emerges.     

Still not convinced that decluttering your home this spring will put a spring back in your step? 

Get ready for a boost in your productivity and wellbeing when you clear out that clutter: Studies have linked living in a tidy environment to a slew of health benefits - anywhere from reduced stress and anxiety levels to lower risk of asthma and allergies.

Not only that, but a study found that 94% of workers reported feeling more productive in a clean workspace. Now, where's that broom?

Stay healthy and happy this spring with these fun tips for decluttering your home!

Maggie Johnson | Greens Steel Lifestyle Contributor

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