5 Healthy Trick-Or-Treat Alternatives to Candy

It’s spooky season!

Chances are, you’ve already gone apple-picking, tried your hand at pumpkin carving, and imbibed in all of your festive fall favorite drinks this season...

Now there’s only one tradition left on your October the to-do list: 


While your little ones are busy brainstorming which valiant superhero or fearsome villain they want to dress up as, we bet you’re stuck on how the seemingly impossible task of limiting their sugar intake on this candy-filled holiday.  

With child obesity at 18.5% in the US today and diabetes rates on the rise, our nation's sugar addiction problem is no joke.

With the cooler weather tapering off outdoor play that’d usually keep our kiddos active, we need to be more conscientious about maintaining their healthy eating habits... and yes, that goes for special occasions like Halloween as well.   

That being said, there’s no fun in haunting their Halloween for all the wrong reasons by handing out ho-hum trick-or-treats. (...We’re looking at you, toothpaste and raisins!)

Be the cool house on the block this Halloween with these healthy yet fun trick-or-treat goodies: 

5. Baked Snacks 

These salty snacks are undeniably a handout to get excited about, without the absurd amount of added sugars to make your kiddo’s teeth rot!

While one would usually opt for prepackaged fun-size bags of baked chips, pretzels, and popcorn for convenience and safety when handing out treats to your friendly neighborhood ghosts; 

An eco-friendly alternative for stay-at-home celebrations can use reusable containers or recycled paper bags.

4. Fruit Snacks

These relatively healthy wholesome treats will satisfy even the most insatiable sweet tooth, and they seriously look the part. 

Some of the “healthy” gummies are so convincing that your kids won’t know you’ve tricked ‘em while you’re treating ‘em!

Go for organic or nutritional brands; look for natural fruit snacks made from apple juice with zero sugar that are fortified with vitamins.

You could even try dried fruit medleys or strips of fruit leather to switch it up and excite their senses with a rainbow of fruity colors! 

As always, finding options with recycled/recyclable packaging is the way to go for sustainability. 

3. Juice Boxes

Often overlooked for this spooky holiday, juice boxes are a great way to keep kids hydrated as they’re running around showing off their haunting get-ups!  

Conveniently packaged in small recyclable cardboard boxes, they come in all kinds of varieties, perfect for kids not fortunate enough to have their very own Greens Steel Kids Water Bottle yet... See what we did there?!  ;) 

To prevent Halloween night hyperactivity, 100% juice with no added sugar is the way to go.

This will ensure your little superhero won’t be up all hours of the night, excitedly waiting to see the bat signal!

2. novelty Toys

Much to the delight of our family dentist... Not all goodies are made for the taste buds! 

Dodge the topic of junk food altogether with some non-edible favorite treats:

Try glowsticks, bubbles, temporary tattoos, mini sized play dough, slinkies, slap bracelets, fun novelty straws, and more! 

The possibilities are endless with these, and they’ll keep your kids entertained and feeling treated... without a single calorie!

1. Drink Mix Packets

These two-step mix-up treats will have the kids excited to get home so they can brew them up in their Greens Steel Kids Water Bottle!

Prep a hot drink with them before heading out to stay toasty on the trick-or-treating trail- it’ll stay warm for hours with Greens Steel's insulating technology!

Choose their favorite cozy drink from a variety of delicious options:

Apple Cider, Hot Chocolate, or even Lemonade for those in warmer climates in need of a cool refreshment after terrorizing the neighborhood! 

We hope you and your little ones enjoy this Halloween with these healthier alternatives... 

We promise they won't even miss the sugar high! 

Don't forget that proper hydration, while often overlooked during the cooler months, is still the key to your kids staying festive and energetic all spooky season long!

Help yourself and your family out when you shop our line of sustainable and superior Stainless Steel Reusable Drinkware.  

Wishing you and you little "monsters" a spooktacular Halloween,

Greens Steel Wellness Contributor


Fuel all the spooky fun when your little monsters are well-hydrated this Hallow’s Eve!

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