5 Reasons Why Greens Steel Water Bottles are the Best

If you’re on the fence about taking the plunge and kitting yourself out with a stainless steel water bottle, allow us to explain why you owe it to yourself (and your planet!) to choose Greens Steel.  

With their countless standout features worth bragging about, you'll know you're getting the ultimate adventure buddy when you choose this for your next water bottle. 

We're even betting it'll be the last bottle you ever buy... Need any more convincing? 

Here's just 5 of the many reasons why Greens Steel Stainless Steel Water Bottles are the best:

5. we're Allied with our Oceans

This is a big one. We cannot express enough the detrimental impact that single-use plastics have on our planet’s pollution problem.

Not to sound dramatic, but the numbers are truly staggering regarding global plastic waste- we’re talking an estimated 8 million tons per year being dumped in our oceans.  

The good news is that companies (like us!) are becoming more eco-conscious, taking steps to reduce excessive and unnecessary single-use plastics. 

You can do your part by ditching the disposable bottled water...

You can do your part by ditching the disposable bottled water, and investing in a high-quality reusable Stainless Steel Water Bottle. 

4. they're Free of Nasties

Speaking of plastic, the dangers don’t just start when you toss them!  

It turns out certain plastics are not only bad for the planet, but have the potential to be harmful to one's health as well. 

While the long-term risks of consuming food and drinks from plastic are not yet completely understood, there are many suspected implications. 

The worst offending risks are hormonal imbalances, with worst-case scenario outcomes of exposure to BPA including infertility, diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, and even cancer.  

Do yourself and loved ones a favor and steer clear of plastics with our stainless steel bottles: They’re 100% BPA and toxin-free, always.

3. Dishwasher-Safe

While this may seem like a trivial or even expected factor to some, anyone who has owned non-dishwasher-safe kitchenware can attest it’s not one to be taken for granted!  

Dishwashers are a serious time-saver, and weirdly enough, most stainless steel drinkware brands on the market have yet to engineer their products to be dishwasher-friendly!  

We at Greens Steel know that time = money, so save yourself some precious time with a low-maintenance water bottle so you can focus on staying hydrated and living your life.   

2. Built to Last

Made of 18/8 stainless steel, pure 304 top Food Grade steel inside and out with a superior seamless design.

Our Greens Steel Water Bottles are not only stylish and sleek, but durable and built to withstand whatever life throws at you.  

Whether your lifestyle has you traversing terrain, catching waves, or simply reigning in your rowdy kiddos, your trusty water bottle is here to stay. 

1. Supremely Insulated

Whether you're gulping down a refreshing iced tea on a hot summer day or packing a steaming cup of joe to-go on a winter morning commute, our Greens Steel Water Bottle has your back.

The double wall vacuum insulation technology has one job, and it does it well- keeping hot things hot and cold things cold with superior temperature retention. 

Now that you’re well acquainted with all of the benefits these handy hydration buddies can offer, check out these 4 Clever Uses for Your Greens Steel Water Bottle, and see what we’re cozying up to this winter with these 5 Drinks for Your BEAST Tumbler to Keep You Warm!

Stay hydrated out there,

Greens Steel Wellness Contributor
Philadelphia, USA


The Greens Steel Water Bottle still blasts the others outta the water…


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