5 Sweet & Sip-Worthy Valentine's Drinks to Mix Up in Your BEAST

Cupid to the rescue! With Valentine’s fast approaching, chances are you’re searching for some unique and romantic ways to treat your special someone. But if you’ve been around the block and can’t quite find the perfect thing that represents your love, don’t get your bow and arrow in a twist…

We’re here to help make your V-Day unforgettable with some fresh ideas to surprise and delight your date!

Don't settle for the same old boring chocolates and roses this Valentine's Day. Instead, charm your sweetheart with a sweet and sippy indulgence they’ll never forget!

We’ve got date night covered with a menu of romantic dessert drink recipes guaranteed to make your Valentine’s heart skip a beat. And the best part? They're all designed to be savored right from your favorite Greens Steel BEAST Tumbler, wherever date night takes you!

Prepare to be swept off your feet by the magic of these swoon-worthy Valentine’s drinks, perfect for sipping under the stars, hand-in-hand promenades, or snuggled up in your love nest with your Valentine: 

pink hot cocoa


Warm up your Valentine's Day with a sweet and creamy pink hot cocoa!

All you need is milk, cocoa powder, sugar, pink food coloring, plus some pink & white marshmallows.

Simply whisk the cocoa, sugar, and a drop of food coloring with a splash of hot milk until combined. Top up with more milk & heat until frothy. Pour into your BEAST Tumbler, top with marshmallows, and enjoy!

strawberry smoothie


Surprise your sweetheart with a fruity and refreshing strawberry smoothie for dessert. This lightened-up version tastes every bit as indulgent as the occasion deserves!

Simply blend together frozen strawberries, yogurt, honey, & a splash of orange juice. Pour into your BEAST Tumbler, garnish with fresh strawberries, and sip with delight!

vanilla chai latte


Feeling a bit spicy? Savor the warm and cozy flavors of a vanilla chai latte with your flame this Valentine's!

Brew some chai tea, add a splash of vanilla extract, a drizzle of honey, and a splash of milk. Whisk until frothy & pour into your BEAST Tumbler.

Top with a sprinkle of cinnamon and feel the warm embrace of cozy spices!



Embrace your playful side with a cheeky twist on juicy lemonade that takes you both back to summer days with your toes in the sand! 

In a large jug, stir together freshly squeezed lemon juice, super-fine sugar, iced water, and raspberries. Muddle to crush the berries, then Pour into your BEAST Tumbler, garnish with mint leaves, and start planning your next vacay!

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mango lassi


Fragrant, exotic and sumptuous, this Far East treasure combines juicy sun-kissed mangos with creamy yoghurt for a rich Indian-style smoothie. 

Blend together mango, yogurt, sugar, and a splash of water. Pour into your BEAST Tumbler, garnish with mango slices & cardamom, and enjoy with an opulent Indian feast to make your Valentine feel like royalty!

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Big Love from all of us here at Greens Steel,
Fefe Jacobs | Greens Steel Lifestyle Contributor

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