5 Ways to Wake Up Feeling More Positive in 2022

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Not exactly a morning person? As much as I'd love to say that I bounce out of bed with a spring in my step each morning, the reality for many of us is a very different picture.

Because life just isn't a breakfast cereal commercial... And waking up feeling energized, happy, and ready for the day takes a bit of intention.

Fortunately for us grouchy morning folk, there are 5 easy ways to start out our days on a more positive note in 2022. Get ready to rise and shine:  

5. journal first thing

Take a moment to write down your dreams, aspirations and some things you're grateful for as soon as you wake up. This gives you a creative and semi-spiritual outlet when you first wake up, catapulting you into the present.

In a world when materialistic distractions seem to pull at our attention 24/7, focusing on your inner mental landscape can be centering, even teaching you about yourself to some extent.

4. ponder something great on your horizon

Next, turn your mind to something you're looking forward to in the near or even long-term future and spend a moment getting pumped about it. Whether it's a get-together with friends, a delicious breakfast you've got waiting, or a fruitful achievement at work, dwell consciously on something good coming up in your life instead of ruminating on all the chores and tasks already on your to-do list.

This will eventually become such an ingrained habit that you’ll start to look forward to waking up each day instead of hitting the snooze button. 

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3. get the blood moving

Lots of people find a great boost of endorphins and motivation from working out immediately after waking up.

Getting the blood moving with a morning walk or some gentle yoga primes your muscles and body for the day's activities and energizes you for upcoming tasks. Plus, if you get your workout out of the way first thing, you never run the risk of avoiding it after work and breaking your New Year’s resolution to get fit within the first month of the new year!

2. EAT A nourishing BREAKFAST

If you find yourself feeling low and lethargic in the mornings, it's little wonder: You've been fasting as you sleep, and your body is hankering for nourishment and energy.

In fact, fueling your body with a healthy breakfast right after you wake up kickstarts your metabolism, gives you energy to power through your morning routine, and keeps the spring in your step as you head out the door and beyond.

Skip the sugary breakfast cereals or greasy fried plates in favor of colorful fruits and veggies with wholegrain sides, and see the energy boost that peps up your entire morning. 

1. Avoid Social Media

Last but not least, resist the urge to reach for the endless scroll of social media right when you wake up.

A little time on Facebook or other social apps isn’t too bad later in the day, but using these apps as soon as you awaken trains your mind into comparing your life to others' and subconsciously sets a negative tone for the day ahead.

Naturally, a hot cup of coffee in your favorite Greens Steel cup is a sure-fire way to bring a smile to your face in the morning... I never start my days without it! 

With coffee in hand, try these 5 smart ways you can adjust your wake-up routine to look forward to the sunrise and each daily cycle!

Here's to brighter mornings in 2022,

Justin | Greens Steel Lifestyle Contributor

Maine, USA

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