8 Things You Should Really Know About Coffee

Calling All Coffee Drinkers! If you’re passionate about the beautiful brew so many of us can’t imagine living without, listen up. 

Whether you’re a seasoned espresso sipper or casual cold brew quaffer, there’s a few things you should know about this intoxicating caffeine fix...

From weird coffee-drinking life hacks you'd never guess, to quirky caffeine-fueled facts, we're spilling the tea on all things coffee below! 

Here's 8 things every coffee drinker should know about the world's favorite beverage:

8. you're not imagining it...

Nothing beats that first blissful coffee of the day - but if you’ve ever noticed your second cup never tastes as good as the first, you’re not imagining things!

Once your first cup of coffee hits your tongue, things begin to oxidize in your mouth; giving you the hallmark “coffee breath” and blocking your taste buds with a film-like coating. As gross as it sounds, this layer of oxidization on your tongue prevents your taste receptors from registering delicate flavors so you won't be able to detect the aromas in subsequent sips.

Want to unlock exceptional taste in your second cup of coffee? Grab a travel-sized tongue scraper! In a couple of swipes, you'll remove the layer of oxidization on your tongue, refresh your palate, and reveal your taste buds again so you can keep enjoying those rich coffee flavors in all their glory. 

(While we're on the topic of tongue scrapers, we'd be remiss not to mention this next essential life hack for coffee drinkers everywhere...) 

7. hallelujah!
there's a quick fix for coffee breath

Ever noticed how chewing gum or mouthwash alone won’t cut it? There’s nothing worse than coffee breath, and as you're probably well aware, it's an unavoidable reality (but it's still a trade-off we're all willing to make for our favorite caffeinated beverage!). So, what's the culprit behind the funky breath?

Along with its high acid content, coffee contains tannin molecules that have a drying, astringent effect on the tongue. Combine these two factors with the sulfur-based aroma compounds produced when coffee beans are roasted, and you have the perfect storm for a foul-smelling mouth.

how to combat coffee breath:

Luckily, it's easy to do everyone a favor with this simple remedy that quickly eliminates unpleasant breath after a cup of joe!

To blast any lingering bad breath, all you need to do is tackle the oxidation in your mouth using a simple tongue scraper and some sips of water.

Tongue scrapers are the very best way to remove the layer on your tongue responsible for that funky coffee aftertaste and sour odor. Finally, just rinse, rehydrate, and finish with mouthwash or sugar-free gum, and you’ll be fresh as a daisy! 

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6. wait, what?

In order for coffee beans to become decaffeinated, they undergo a process where the beans are steamed to dissolve the caffeine before being rinsed off with a solvent - but this only removes about 97% of the caffeine.

Admittedly, you’d have to drink a whole lot of decaf (around 5-10 cups, according to a recent study) to ingest the same amount of caffeine as a cup of regular coffee - But if you’re super sensitive to caffeine, it pays to watch your coffee intake even if you choose decaf varieties! 

5. weird but true...

Believe it or not, your coffee will actually stay warm for 20% longer when you add cream into the mix. It all boils down to physics - namely, the added viscosity or thickness the cream adds to your brew, which slows down the rate in which heat is carried away by evaporation.

Of course, you’ll never need to worry about your coffee going cold if you have a Greens Steel BEAST or Coffee Mug - these thermally-insulated coffee companions keep your brew piping hot for hours on end!


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4. get the buzz
Brewed Coffee Packs More Caffeine Than Espresso

Don’t be fooled into thinking you’ll get a bigger caffeine kick from a strong shot of espresso. While it is more concentrated and bold in taste, espresso contains 64mg of caffeine per serving, while brewed coffee clocks in at around 95mg per serving.

This rather surprising, lower caffeine content in espresso occurs because of the lightning-fast exposure of the coffee beans to the water when it’s rapidly forced through the grounds. In fact, the longer coffee grounds are exposed to water, the more caffeine is released. For the biggest caffeine boost, reach for a slow and steady cold brew coffee, as it packs the highest caffeine concentration of all the brewing methods!

3. take a bite of this...

Did you know coffee beans are technically the seeds of a fruit? Coffee plants grow cherries that have two or three “seeds” on the inside, surrounded by a thin layer of sweet flesh.

Once the fruit is ripe, they’re harvested, dried, and processed to reveal the seeds within. Next, these seeds are roasted to become what we know as coffee beans. 

While you could technically eat a coffee cherry fruit, there’s not much pulp to their sweet flesh. We’ll take the beans inside, thanks!

2. pick your roast wisely
The Darker the Roast, the Lighter the Caffeine

Contrary to popular opinion, darker roast coffees actually contain slightly less caffeine than their light-roast counterparts! While dark roast beans taste bolder and more gutsy, their flavor profile is not an indication of caffeine content. Quite the opposite, in fact.

During the longer roasting time, some of the caffeine and overall mass is burned away in dark roast coffee in order to achieve its rich aroma - meaning that scoop for scoop, light roast has a bit more of a kick!  

1. hold up for dental health

Dentists recommend you wait 30-60 minutes after your morning brew before brushing. This is because acidic drinks like coffee, soda and wine can soften our tooth enamel, making them vulnerable to damage from the abrasive ingredients in toothpaste.

While you wait for the protective layer of enamel on your teeth to harden again, sip on water to rinse your teeth off and dilute the acid in your saliva. Alternatively, brush before enjoying your brew, then do a quick tongue scrape and mouthwash afterwards! 

How many of these coffee-fueled life hacks and facts were you an expert in already? With all the knowledge you need to elevate your coffee drinking experience and your trusty Greens Steel Coffee Mug in hand, you're all set to go forth and sip your way to caffeinated bliss!

Fefe | Greens Steel Lifestyle Contributor

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