8 Valentine's Day Date Ideas (That Don't Suck!)

Love it or hate it, this heart-shaped holiday is just around the corner.

Whether you’re celebrating with your sweetie, meeting with friends, or rolling solo this Valentine’s Day, we’ve got the perfect plan for you. 

Check out these 8 fresh date ideas that don’t suck, regardless of relationship status:

8. Hit a comedy club

They say laughter is the key to one’s heart… or is it the medicine for a broken heart? Either way, getting some laughs is a surefire way to lift your date's spirits.

Check out your local comedy club to cast your Valentine with the love spell of laughter (or for some much-needed comic relief). 

7. Pick up some wheels

Who says scooters are just for kids and tourists? If you live in a metropolitan area, chances are you’re only one app-install away from reliving your childhood scooter-ing dreams (plus some horsepower).

Apps like Lime, Bird, and even Uber offer electric scooter rentals by the hour for a fun date idea and chance to rediscover your digs in a new way.

6. Go for a drive

When was the last time you got behind the wheel and just drove? Challenge yourself to set off without a destination and soak in some new scenery for a spontaneous, yet lowkey V-Day adventure.

Be sure to grab a Greens Steel Reusable Coffee Cup to stay fueled up, fitted specially to fit in your car’s cupholder for optimal travel use. Oh, and make sure your car tank is full as well!

5. Try your hand at a cooking class

Ditch the mad rush for reservations and pricey pre-fixes. Instead, dust off the apron and test your skills for a more hands-on, interactive culinary experience.

From sushi to pizza-making, cooking classes offer a fun and less formal alternative to the classic fine-dining dinner date.

4. …Or a cocktail mixing class!

More of a mixologist? A cocktail mixing class is sure to spice things up.

If you’re opting for a virtual class - perfect for those social distancing or in a long-distance relationship - be sure to keep your Greens Steel Stainless Steel Cups handy for a polished and eco-friendly touch!

say it with... coffee! 

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3. Sleep under the stars

What’s more romantic than star-gazing with your special someone? Bust out the camping gear and gather up the firewood for an intimate night spotting constellations and sipping mulled wine.

P.S. Don’t forget to fill your BEAST Tumbler with your favorite hot beverage to keep you warm!

2. Rent a cabin in the woods

Not the camping type? You don’t always have to rough it to go off the grid! Keep the adventurous spirit alive with a glamorous twist and rent a cabin on Airbnb for a spontaneous 24-hour getaway.

Some packing suggestions: Snacks, board games, and that rare bottle you've been saving for a special occasion will do the trick.

1. Double feature movie night 

“I absolutely hate spending my night cozying up to a good movie and a bottle of wine,” said no one ever. A little cliché, we know. Nevertheless, there’s a reason this old standby remains a popular option in these modern times.

Pro tip: A quick search of “anti-romantic movies” conjures dozens of lists of watching material for those that are single, in a rough patch, or otherwise not exactly looking to get in their feels this V-day. 

Whether your special day calls for a lively evening on the town, a beautiful day out in nature, or an intimate night in the comfort of your home, we’re sure this Valentine’s Day will prove to be a memorable one.

Love to you, from all of us here at Greens Steel!

Maggie Johnson | Greens Steel Lifestyle Contributor

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