Alternatives to Coffee That Still Give You That Kick

Where’s your morning kickstarter coming from... (if not from coffee?)

Somebody’s already got a fresh pot of it brewing in the kitchen by the time you wake up. 

You pass three cafes on the way to work. 

And an espresso machine awaits you, mere steps away from your desk...

Ahh, coffee. It’s the American way... 

Full of rich and toasty deliciousness, essential antioxidants... And yes, that ever-sought-after caffeine kick.

So what’s not to love about coffee? 

Well, for starters, the caffeine content of the stuff is fairly high, clocking in at around 95mg per cup... (For reference, a “Grande” sized brew from your usual coffee haunt is actually double that!) 

That enormous caffeine jolt may be causing you a mean case of the jitters. 

It’s a challenge to take full advantage of coffee’s benefits when you’re too wired to focus; not to mention the slew of setbacks that too much caffeine can have on your health. We’re talking disrupted sleep patterns, a roller coaster effect on your mood as your energy spikes and crashes, and also the increased risk of becoming dehydrated when coffee is your main liquid of choice. 

Whatever the reason that brings you here; We know all too well that the idea of giving up your routine "Cup of Joe" in the morning can be harder than it seems...

Whether it’s that sweet energy boost; the earthy bitterness you’ve grown to love; or the pure convenience factor that keeps you coming back to coffee… 

There are indeed some different morning kickstarters that’ll put that pep in your step and get you ready to face the day- minus the jitters.

Say hello to your new morning staples: 

Matcha Tea

Cultivated from the Camellia Sinensis plant, you can think of Matcha as your typical green tea on steroids.

The ancient Chinese tea comes in powder form, and packs more of a health punch- with three to ten times the antioxidant load than standard green tea.

Depending on how you prepare it, Matcha has more or less the same amount of caffeine as coffee - However, it is mellowed out by L-Theanine, a powerful amino acid known for its ability to relax the mind sans the drowsiness.

Matcha also boasts a richer, more intense flavor profile than regular green tea- Making it perfect for lattes .

Yerba Mate

Hailing from the South American Atlantic rainforests, Yerba Mate has taken the health beverage market by storm in recent years, known for its smoother come-up and longer-lasting energy spell.

The caffeine content, similar to that of coffee, is accentuated by Theobromine, the cacao plant-derived stimulant also found in chocolate.

Its smokey taste is arguably an acquired one, but the tea undeniably has its advantages. While coffee’s acidity can be tough on the gut, Yerba Mate is known to be more digestive-friendly and has even been shown to deactivate the destructive E-coli bacteria in some studies. 


Speaking of gut health, anyone who’s ever inquired ye old Google about an upset stomach in the past decade has probably heard about the benefits of kombucha. The fermented tea is applauded for its naturally occurring probiotic properties in the form of a “symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast” (aka SCOBY), but its potential as a morning pick-me-up is often overlooked. What kombucha lacks in caffeine, it makes up for with its fizziness and tart, effervescent taste for a delightfully refreshing sipping experience. Those guilty of opting for soda in the AM might be pleasantly surprised by this hyped-up health craze. 

Superfood Smoothie

Kill two birds with one stone with a revamped smoothie recipe. 

By sprinkling some powerful adaptogenic additions into your blender, you'll be boosting the nutrients you're getting from the fruit ingredients and adapting their functions to suit your body's specific needs. You'll be getting your breakfast and morning energy fill in a single hearty concoction! 

Elevate your favorite smoothie by adding any or all of these energy-boosting adaptogens to your blender:

  Maca Root



  Reishi Mushroom

Also, try swapping your milk or juice smoothie base with coconut water for an extra shot of your B-Vites, which help your body convert nutrients into energy for maximum efficiency. 

Take THAT, coffee..!  

Your morning routine won’t be lacking when you switch up your trusty caffeine kick in favor of one of these energizing alternatives.

Your BEAST Tumbler won’t know what’s hit it… And neither will your senses! Enjoy adding these interesting shake-ups to your AM routine and you won’t even miss giving your coffee habit the day off! 

Shake off the morning fog with a lively alternative brew in your BEAST Tumbler, and give your usual coffee kick a rest!  

Take your pick from the 17 vibrant, wake-me-up colors & feel that spring in your step... 

Wishing you your most lively wake-up call yet,

Maggie J. 
Greens Steel Wellness Contributor
Philadelphia, USA 

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