As Unique As You Are: Which BEAST Suits Your Personality?

Humans have found matches for their unique personalities in animals for millennia.

Just like we all have our favorite color, many of us also have our favorite animals because we see something of ourselves in nature’s most majestic beasts.

Wondering which popular beast best suits your personality and what it says about you?

Take a look below, then match up your BEAST tumbler so you can aptly coordinate with your wild side…

Confident and ASSERTIVE? These Beasts Are Like You

Some folks are confident in everything they do, and may even seem a little cocky to those who don’t know if they can back up their boasts.

If this sounds like you, and you walk into every room with a surefire swagger, these animals might be a perfect fit for your personality:

  • Lion – The king of the jungle is confident, self-assured, and dominant in every way.

  • Gorilla – The largest and strongest primate surely matches traditionally-Alpha men in more ways than one. 

  • Wolverine – How can we forget this member of the weasel family? Though they’re small, wolverines are fearless and never back down from a fight.


Command the room with the dominant & daring BEAST in Cranberry Red.


Cautious and Calculating? These Animals Might Be a Match

On the other hand, other people are a little more careful and measured with their responses and their introductions. If you tend to hang around the back and let more extroverted folks take the lead in conversation, but are known for your intelligence, you might be more of a match for these animals:

  • Snake – Snakes are smart and stalking predators that wait for the perfect moment to strike. Does that sound like your business strategies? 

  • Cat – Maybe you’re more like a cat, who is a bit skittish but who isn’t afraid to defend their territory when necessary. 

  • Shark – Sharks are penultimate predators on the prowl, and perfect comparisons for those who want to dominate the stock market or become the best sports player in their field.


Stalk your prey with the precision BEAST in Matte Black.


Warm and Endearing? These Creatures Speak to You

There are fearsome and confident beasts, and there are more loving, cuddly creatures. Of course, there are people like that as well! If you tend to be warm and bubbly and make fast friends everywhere you go, your personality might be a match for these critters:

  • Dog – Dogs are arguably the go-to choice for a warm, enduring companion. Many people are compared to dogs in real life! 

  • Fox – Maybe you’re more like a fox. Foxes are a little more skittish than dogs, but they’re quite friendly and love having families. 

  • Koala – Then there’s the Koala; a real life teddy bear if ever there was one!


Get out there with the vibrant & social BEAST in Aquamarine.


Cooperative and a Team-Player? You’re Most Like These Animals

Many animals in nature are successful because of their cooperation and team spirit, just like all of our professional sports players! If you like being part of a group and feel most at home when you have someone to work with, consider these animals as matches for your personality:

  • Wolf – Wolves are quite fearsome, but are only successful due to their cooperation and pack-style social structures.
  • Elephant – You might also be more like an elephant. These massive beasts form tight-knit family units and are successful in driving off almost all predators.
  • Dolphin – Dolphins are family-focused sea creatures. Maybe you identify with them due to their grace, beauty, and overall intelligence.


Band together with the savvy, team-playing BEAST in Purple.


Introverted or Independent? You Might Like These Beasts

Perhaps you’re happiest in your own company, or work best as a one-person show. You might like spending time alone with a good book, or find parties to be utterly draining to your energy. If this sounds like you, you’ll probably want to be friends with these animals:

  • Owl – Owls are so well recognized as loners that folks who like to stay awake at night are appropriately called “night owls”. 

  • Octopus – You might be more like an octopus, however. Octopuses are loners by nature, but are quite intelligent compared to other sea animals. 

  • Eagle – Eagles are lone raptors who spend most of their time soaring through the skies away from other worlds, totally at peace.


Zero in on the peaceful & self-reliant BEAST in Stormy Sky.


So, which beast are you? Whether you’re a confident socialite or a smooth move-maker, we’ve all got a wild side.

Step into your furry (or feathered) alter ego with your BEAST in hand and let your roar be heard!

Justin | Greens Steel Wild Thing
Maine, USA

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