Buyer's Guide to Leak Proof Travel Mugs

If you’re an avid adventurer who likes to travel and take tea or coffee wherever you go, you’ll need a leak proof travel mug. Not only will a leak proof travel mug keep your hot drink hot, a top quality stainless steel one will also keep your cold drinks cool.

Either way, an essential ingredient of a travel mug is its ability to protect you from leakages. Find out what you need to look for in a leak proof travel mug.

What does leak proof mean?

A leak proof drinks holder does exactly what it says on the tin - protects you from leakages and keeps your drink intact. Our leak proof travel mugs have a durable, long-lasting finish that won’t scrape off like paint, or sweat and create slippery condensation that will slip out of your grip.

On top of helping you to actually hold onto your drink more easily, the leak proof lid also ensures that if it does slip out of your grip or slide around in the car, your drink will stay in the cup. Its double wall vacuum insulation has been designed to minimise any splashing and ensure that it is entirely leak proof so that it can sit in your bag or car without hassle.

What is the difference between leak proof and spill proof?

Spill proof might refer to the way that a mug minimises spillages, which isn’t always the best way to judge how effective a travel mug is. Spill proof mugs might refer to how easy the mug or cup is to hold, and how well it balances etc. as opposed to how leak proof the travel mug is.

Leak proof travel mugs on the other hand are completely sealed so that your drink doesn’t leak or spill anywhere. 

Why do travel mugs often leak?

Travel mugs often leak because they do not come with a vacuum insulated lid that seals the top of the cup. This means that although the travel mug looks closed, when you travel it can leak liquid which becomes very annoying.

Another reason they can leak is due to cracks appearing in the plastic, if the material isn’t very durable. With Greens Steel leak proof travel mugs you will be drinking from a tritan plastic shatterproof lid that is extremely durable so the plastic won’t crack and cause your drink to leak all over you.

If you find that your travel mug is having these kinds of leak issues, it's recommended to get a new one ASAP. Leaky travel mugs can even be quite dangerous if you’re using one whilst driving and find that it is leaking coffee all over you.


Some of the top qualities to look for in a leak proof mug include:

  • Seamless Stainless Steel
  • Maximum Temperature Retention
  • Double Walled Vacuum Insulation
  • BPA Free, Non-Toxic Materials
  • Premium Finishing Inside & Out
  • Shatter-Proof, Spill-Proof, Leak-Proof Lids
  • A Lifetime Guarantee
  • 100% Satisfaction or your money back
  • Sleek, beautiful design
  • Countless Color & Size Combinations
  • Functionality, Durability & Bang for Your Buck

How Greens Steel ensures the best leak proof coffee travel mugs

Greens Steel Beast travel mugs feature all of the above qualities, making them the perfect leak proof travel mug. Having a seamless stainless steel finish with vacuum insulation means that your coffee will stay hot whatever the weather and protect you from leaks and spillages that are so common when you’re moving around.

With a stainless steel straw, a Greens Steel leak proof coffee mug is ideal for iced coffee and cold drinks too!

How do I fix a leaking travel mug?

In complete honesty, fixing a leaking travel mug isn’t easy. If your mug is leaking due to the materials used, there’s not much that you can do about it (eg if the plastic lid is cracking). This is why it really pays to buy a premium leak proof travel mug when you first buy one.

If you are finding that the leak is causing issues, the best thing to do is to replace it with a durable and leak proof model that will last you much longer.

How do you clean a travel mug lid?

Unlike others on the market, our Beast tumblers, lids and straws are completely dishwasher safe. This means all you need to do is pop your travel mug lid in the dishwasher and you’re good to go!

For more information on how to clean your leak proof travel mug, head over to our recent article on how to clean your stainless steel tumbler.

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