Buyers Guide to Leak Proof Water Bottles

Finding a leak proof water bottle that is solid, sturdy, and keeps your drink the temperature you want it can feel like finding a needle in a haystack. In this article we’re running through the qualities of a good leak proof water proof bottle to help you on your search.

What is leak proof? And what can you expect from a leak proof water bottle

Leak proof water bottles are resistant to any leakage. This means that when you fill up, travel with and drink from your water bottle it shouldn’t leak anywhere. Normally, this will be because the leak proof water bottle uses technology that seals the lid.

Unfortunately, a number of “leak proof” water bottles on the market aren’t actually leak proof. How many times have you bought a new water bottle and realised halfway through your car journey that your drink is leaking into your bag. It is soul destroying and really disappointing.

Are non spill water bottle leak proof?

No. Not necessarily. The reason that so many trusting customers get duped is that brands market their bottles as ‘non-spill’ or ‘spill resistant’, however this doesn’t necessarily mean leak proof. Non spill might mean that they are sturdy, easy to hold, and help reduce the likelihood of you dropping or spilling your drink, however it doesn’t mean that it will stop leakage. Leak proof water bottles are a separate thing entirely.

Why it’s worth making the investment in a leak proof bottle

In a nutshell, a leak proof bottle will protect you from leaks whereas anything else probably won’t. Don’t be fooled by clever marketing that dances around the word ‘leak’ to make you think that the water bottle you’re getting will protect you from leakages.

Making an investment in a leak proof bottle is the only way to protect yourself and your belongings from a leak.

3 ways leak proof kids water bottle are a lifesaver

Not only are leak proof water bottles great for adults, they are also a lifesaver for kids! Discover the top 3 reasons that our kids leak proof water bottles are a lifesaver:

No more leakages in the school bag

With a leak proof kids water bottle you’ll be able to pop the bottle in your kid’s school bag without having to worry about it leaking all over their workbooks!

They encourage kids to drink more water

In bright, fun colours, our kids' water bottles encourage children to drink more water.

The easy sip cup reduces spills

Our caps release the perfect flow of water, not too much, not too little, and kids can drink with or without a straw.

What features to look for in a kids leakproof bottle

When looking for a kids water bottles, here’s the key features to look for:

High quality stainless steel

Look for a seamless design that uses Food Grade stainless steel both inside and out. This will reduce any metal taste and ensure that no metals are leached into their drink.

BPA free

Avoid the nasty BPAs that can be found in plastic water bottles and opt for a material that is toxin free and made from pure stainless steel instead.

Look for fund designs that kids love

Remember that you want your kid to love this water bottle as much as you do, so opt for an easy sip design that comes in a colour that they like.

Leak proof

Look for a kids water bottle that won’t leak. If you want to be able to send them off to school without the risk of them leaking water all over themselves and their stuff - a leak proof bottle is the way forward.

How to fix a leaking bottle

Eeeek! If you’ve bought a water bottle that is leaking there may not be an easy fix. Often water bottles leak because the initial design isn’t sealed properly so there is no way you will be able to change that and miraculously fix the leaking bottle sadly. One way to ensure this problem never occurs is to buy a premium water bottle that comes with a lifetime guarantee like Green’s Steel bottles do.

The features that make our water bottles one of the best leak proof on the market for adults and kids

Size options

Aside from the obvious qualities of being light, leak proof and insulated, the multiple size options are often an unsung quality of our water bottles. Many customers love that you can choose your size and have different water bottles for different occasions!

Colour range

For kids this is especially helpful, but adults want to drink out of an attractive bottle too! Our different colours allow you to personalise your water bottle.

Choice of leak proof lids

We offer a variety of different leak proof lids depending on what you’re looking for. Whether you want a simple screw cap, a straw feature or a carabiner to help you carry it, we’ve got you covered.


Our double-wall vacuum-sealed bottle ensures that a vacuum is created: a space without even air molecules left to float around. This keeps your drink at the temperature that you want it, meaning no melted ice or luke-warm tea.

Looking for a Stainless Steel water bottle with all of these qualities? Green’s Steel bottles are entirely leak proof and insulated, giving you protection and keeping your drink’s temperature intact. You can also check out our children’s collection for leak proof water bottles for the little ones.

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