FAQ Spotlight: Top 5 Questions About Greens Steel’s Water Bottles, Answered.

Getting the ideal water bottle to hydrate your life journey is a big decision: It’s going to accompany you everywhere you go, after all!

We get lots of questions about our Greens Steel Water Bottles from our customers, which we certainly expect considering how innovative their design is and how many mind-blowing features they have!

Whether you’re researching the best new water bottle you can buy for your lifestyle, or you’re already a happy owner of one of these hardworking bottles: You asked, and we’re answering.

Here, we cover the Top 5 Questions we get asked about the Greens Steel Water Bottle, so you can start your hydrated life with confidence:

5. How Long DO Greens Steel'S Bottles Keep Water Cold FOR?

Q:  I spend a lot of time driving, and I want to make sure my drink won’t get hot if I leave the bottle in my car’s cup holder. How long will it keep my water chilled?

A:  All day... and then some!  Every Greens Steel bottle is created to keep drinks cold for over 12 hours.

This incredible temperature retention is possible thanks to the double-wall vacuum insulation.

(Which is the most advanced form of thermal insulation in the entire water bottle industry!)

In a nutshell, Greens Steel’s double-wall vacuum insulated water bottles are constructed with two distinct stainless steel walls with a small amount of air sandwiched between them.

This air pocket does a great job of insulating your bottle from outside temperatures. How? In short, it forces heat on the outside to be transferred through it before reaching your beverage.

In physics, thermal conductivity occurs when heat moves from a hot area to a cold area. This eventually results in equilibrium.

But with double-wall vacuum insulation, heat has to travel first through one layer of stainless steel, then through a layer of air, then through another layer of stainless steel before it actually penetrates. This takes an extremely long time!

With this construction method, Greens Steel’s water bottles keep your beverage cold all day long.

4. Do TheSE BOTTLES Ever Leak?

Q:  I go to school and I love hiking on the weekends, which means my water bottle always gets tossed in my backpack. But I need to have a completely leak-proof bottle that won’t spill anything on my textbooks! Does this bottle ever leak, even if I forget to put it in upright?

A:  Nope!  Our water bottles are designed to be 100% leak proof, thanks to a special construction design in the top cap. Nothing is worse than a leaky bottle ruining the contents of your bag, so we made sure this design feature was absolutely perfect for your peace of mind.

Simply twist the cap into place until it grabs down on the special sealing thread.

Then rest assured, knowing your water bottle will be securely sealed for your entire adventure, trek around campus, or workday!

No more worrying about your water or drink spilling in your backpack! Each water bottle’s body is also guaranteed leak-proof for years to come, due to its durable exterior and rust-resistant steel that won’t chip, dent or crack.

3. WHAT’S THIS 18/8 STAINLESS STEEL all about?

Q:  I see you mentioned 18/8 Stainless Steel in the water bottle’s description… Why is this so special?

A:  It’s the absolute best material in the world for portable drinkware!  We use this hard-working metal in all our Greens Steel drinkware, as its quality and functionality refuses to compromise.

Also called 304-grade stainless steel, 18/8 stainless steel is comprised of 18% chromium and 8% nickel (which is where its name comes from).

This resulting alloy is supremely resistant to corrosion and oxidation. That means your stainless steel bottle will last for years to come without the risk of rust or degradation, even if it’s exposed to water or air. That means you can leave water sitting in your bottle all the time without worrying about the inside wearing out!

As an added bonus, 18/8 stainless steel is very easy to clean. So, maintaining your Greens Steel Water Bottle for longevity and hygiene is simple.


Q:  I’m super careful to make sure my family isn’t exposed to toxic BPA, but I know it’s still included in lots of kitchenware containers these days. Does Greens Steel use any BPA in the production of your products?  

A:  Absolutely Not!  We’ve got young families too, so we understand how critical it is to look out for the health of our littlest loved ones. BPA has never, and will never, see the inside of our Greens Steel factory.

In case you haven’t heard of this nasty substance yet, here’s an important heads-up about this dangerous stuff... Unfortunately, some competitor’s food service containers are still made with BPA, despite the health risks.

BPA stands for bisphenol-A.

It’s a synthetic chemical that has been used in the construction of plastics and other food service items for years.

Alarmingly, the FDA recently found that even low levels of BPA have been linked to certain types of breast cancers and other negative health effects. Because of this, BPA is now considered toxic and should be avoided at all costs.

Fortunately, Greens Steel products don’t contain any BPA whatsoever, even in the few plastic pieces or painted coatings we use. Your family (and ours!) will always be sipping safely.

1. Do These Bottles Really Come With a Lifetime Guarantee?

I’m pretty tough on my gear, and I’ve come to expect my daily water bottles to only last about a year before I need to get a new one! Do you really offer a lifetime guarantee, even if my bottle has some battlescars from my adventures?

A:  Yes! We stand behind the quality, toughness and longevity of our bottles with such confidence that every single one comes with our no-questions-asked Lifetime Guarantee.

They’re constructed with the toughest materials and rigorously tested to ensure they’ll literally last you a lifetime.

So go ahead and hit the trails with your Greens Steel Water Bottle - it’ll keep up, we promise!

Of course, if you do happen to be especially tough on your bottle and disaster strikes, don’t worry - it’s covered by a Lifetime Warranty.

Simply fill out the form here (it only takes 15 seconds) to register your warranty so we’ve got you covered in case you ever need to replace a damaged bottle or lid. Then just reach out to us and we’ll have a new one sent out to you, free of charge!

While these are just some of the queries our customers have about our Water Bottles, we’re always happy to answer your must-know questions that aren’t covered here, so don’t be afraid to drop us a line on our contact page!

I know your trusty Greens Steel Water Bottle will outperform anything you demand of it, now and for a lifetime of adventures to come. Still not sure? Just ask us! :) 

Fefe | Self-Confessed Water Bottle Aficionado
Nevada, USA


Well, now you know! Get ready to bring home the last bottle you’ll ever need... 

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