5 Flavored Water Ideas for Kids

Getting kids to drink water is never easy. Although they need to drink a good amount to stay hydrated, often explaining to them that they need to drink can be a battle. The truth is, most kids simply don’t like the taste of water and find it somewhat of a hassle. However, they are often more than happy to drink fizzy drinks or flavored drinks that taste a bit more exciting.  

This is where flavored water can be an amazing tool to encourage your little one to drink more water. By introducing them to water with a dash of flavour, you encourage them to stay hydrated by giving them something they like the taste of. That means less complaining and more hydration! We’re looking at some of the best ways you can sneak more water into their routine with flavored alternatives that taste great.

Is flavored water healthy?

Yes! The great news is that flavored water can be really healthy. This is especially true if you’re making it yourself as opposed to buying cordial from a store. That said, buying flavoring and cordial isn’t the worst thing in the world. If it encourages your child to drink more water it can be a great way to bridge the gap and keep them hydrated.  If you are buying flavoring and cordial instead of experimenting with your own creations, just be sure to check the label for additives, coloring and nasties. Where possible, try to stick to natural flavourings that won’t taste too artificial or be filling your child with any nasty chemicals.

Flavored water ideas for kids

Flavored water is so easy to make and can be created in a big jug for the whole family, or in individual bottles to take to school or activities. Kids often love making their own creations, so why not encourage them to think about what flavors they might like to try and encourage them to create their own? With all natural flavours and fruits, these recipes are so simple and so yummy!

Lemon Water

Lemon water is super cleansing for the digestive organs, and adds a citrus kick to normal water. Simply squeeze lemon into your child’s water or leave sliced lemon in the water overnight to allow it to infuse. For Lemon flavored water with a sweeter taste, why not add some sugar? A spoonful of natural sugar will help to counter that bitter taste and encourage your child to keep drinking.

Orange Water

Orange water is a favourite with children, who often love the fresh smell and taste. Similarly to lemon flavoured water, you simply need to add sliced orange to your drink, and allow it to infuse. Many children like to create infusion sticks with orange and other fruits like lemon and lime to create a citrus infusion with a variety of flavours.

Cucumber Water

Cucumber water is more of an acquired taste, but it is the epitome of hydration. It tastes so fresh and bright, and is really easy to create. Simply slice your cucumber thinly to unlock it’s flavour and pop it in your child’s water bottle to infuse overnight. Many people like to add watermelon to this creation for a juicy and hydrating combination.

Strawberry Water

Most children love strawberries, so adding them to water is a match made in heaven. The bright colour adds something a little different for your child, and you will find that they probably enjoy eating the strawberries at the end too. You can also add other berries like blueberries and raspberries in their drink for a berry burst. Pop a few different berries in their water bottle on a stick to infuse overnight. Be sure not to leave any loose berries in their bottle though, as this could be a choking hazard.

Lime water

Lime has a powerful, fresh flavor that makes it ideal for any child’s water bottle. As with lemon flavoured water, you can simply add a squeeze to their drink and then leave a few slices in a bottle to infuse overnight. You may also choose to add some sugar to take away the intense sour taste that some limes have.

Flavored water in their favorite water bottle

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