Holiday Gifts Your Teen Will Legit Be Psyched About

5 Gifts Your Teens Won’t Leave Behind When They Go Off to College 

We all know those Gen-Z teens on our holiday lists can be a tough crowd to shop for. 

Bagging the perfect present for the age group who thinks everything is lame would usually be a lost cause. Until now.  

So, instead of trying to anticipate a gift that will have the least likely chance of being unwrapped with an eye-roll or unenthusiastic “thanks”...

Do yourself a solid and choose one of these Greens Steel stocking stuffers that won’t gather dust or be re-gifted.  

Their college dorm won’t know what’s hit it with these colorful tumblers brightening up the place. 

hey’ll be zoned-in on their studies with laser focus, thanks to on-hand hydration with spill-resistant superpowers.

And their friends will actually be jealous of their dope new drinkware. 

Long story short, you can set teens up with healthy habits and guarantee they’ll keep themselves hydrated… All while giving them a gift they’ll be buzzed about. 

Sounds like the perfect disguise to us!

Grab the teen on your holiday list one of these Greens Steel gifts they’ll definitely deem Instagram-worthy:

5. The 30oz BEAST Tumbler

See their college colors among the lineup of eye-popping brights the BEAST has on offer? We thought so!

Your college kid will never forget to tote their hydration with them everywhere they go when they’re representing on this level.

Plus, for pre-college times, teens will sub out their travel tumblers at the coffee shop when they meet their friends, helping spark the sustainable trend in the next generation

4. The 40oz BEAST Tumbler

Last-minute cram sessions can require an extra-large boost of caffeine.

The 40oz BEAST crushes study hall slumps with just the kick they need to push through, right down to the wire.

3. The Go-Anywhere Water Bottle

Streamline your lady’s water-carrying efforts with this elegant bottle that won’t stick out like a sore thumb or be a nuisance to carry.

Her purse is already bulky enough! It’ll even keep her water chilled and refreshing right to the end of her hot yoga class.

2. Cups to Survive College Days

Take one peek under their beds at the dirty dishes stashed under there, and you’ll know that delicate glassware and teens just don’t mix.

These unbreakable cups in metallic rainbow harlequin are bright enough to make any unicorn blush.

Plus, they’re tough enough to survive even the rowdiest of college parties or pillow fights.

 1. Stainless Steel Reusable Straws

Got a wildlife warrior in your household? Good stuff, you’re raising ‘em right.

Saving the turtles never goes out of style, and these reusable stainless steel straws make sure their hydration habits are always environmentally on point.

No boring gifts in sight here. Give 'em a Green Steel gift they'll really love and earn yourself the hashtag you deserve...

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