How Greens Steel Stainless Steel Cups Stack Up Against the Rest

Stainless steel drinkware is on the rise...

...but it’s tough to know which manufacturers are really worth your time and money. Far too many stainless steel cups come with strings attached, like potentially toxic materials, low durability, or high prices.

But Greens Steel Stainless Steel Cups are another story.

In this breakdown, we’ll look at how our stainless steel drinkware stacks up against most other manufacturers. By the end, you’ll know beyond a shadow of a doubt why our cups are second to none.


For starters, Greens Steel’s stainless steel cups aren’t just made from any ordinary steel. They’re crafted from 18/8 stainless steel, which includes 18% chromium 8% nickel.

As a composite material, it’s durable and sturdy to the touch. Many of our competitors don’t use stainless steel of the same quality, if at all! 

Greens Steel Cups:

 The 18/8 stainless steel used for our cups provides fantastic corrosion resistance: a key bonus if your cups are holding acidic beverages that could cause rust to other metals.

 Our Greens Steel Stainless Steel Cups are so durable that they’ll last for years, even after lots of wear and tear or dropping them on the ground.

 To make things even better, each Greens Steel Stainless Steel Cup comes with a lifetime warranty. This no-strings-attached guarantee means you get a free replacement if a mishap ever occurs and on your unbreakable cups!

The Other Guys:

 Many other drinkware manufacturers use regular stainless steel, which isn’t nearly as durable or corrosion resistant. 

 Other manufacturers may also use aluminum, which can lead to potential health issues if the aluminum leaks into beverages.


Our Stainless Steel Cups aren’t just the best because of their durability. They’re also the best in the industry since they’re BPA-free! (Click Here to learn more about BPA's)

That’s right – none of our stainless steel cups use BPA plastics or other materials. Our cups are healthy to use, long-lasting, and great for the environment.

Greens Steel Cups:

 No BPA materials mean that you don’t have to worry about health issues later down the road.

 Being BPA-free also means that BPA materials won’t leak into the environment, either through drinking water or other beverages.

The Other Guys:

 Other competitors frequently include BPA in their drinkware, especially in plastic accessories or linings.

 This has an adverse effect both on you, the drinker, plus our natural environment.


Greens Steel Stainless Steel Cups are a great choice due to their value, as well. You don’t have to just buy one set of stainless steel cups – you can buy as many sets as you need for yourself plus your friends and family.

Our bundles are priced for ultimate value, and you can find stainless steel cups in a variety of colors! Take a look at our available bundles:

Greens Steel Cups:

 Choose the number and color of stainless steel cups that’s perfect for your needs, whether you only need a pair, or a set of 16 for an entire group going camping.

 Each order gets shipped to you within 2-5 business days – talk about fast!

 We have a no-hassle returns policy if you're unsatisfied with your order for any reason.

The Other Guys:

 The Greens Steel Stainless Steel Cup simply can’t be beaten in terms of raw price comparisons.

 Many other drinkware manufacturers sell their cups for one apiece, so you don’t save money if you need to purchase multiple cups.

Dishwasher Safe = LESS DISHES

Nothing’s more annoying than having to hand-wash tons of dishes at the end of the day.

Fortunately, Greens Steel’s Stainless Steel Cups are totally dishwasher safe. You never have to worry about the cups’ integrity fading, even after multiple trips through your dishwasher.

Greens Steel Cups:

 Our stainless steel drinkware uses a specialized powder coating to boost durability and give each cup a good texture. (Learn about powder coating here

 The powder coating doesn’t wear down over time, even if you put your cups in the dishwasher.

The Other Guys:

 Most other stainless steel drinkware has to be washed by hand – other manufacturers' coatings or inclusions can wear down after a single dishwashing cycle.


When it comes to drinkware for kids, our Stainless Steel Cups are a perfect choice. Since they’re durable and built to last, they won’t shatter if your kids drop them on the ground. There’s no risk of injury since these cups will never break or crack.

We also offer Kids-Sized Cups! They come in a pack of four so you always have drinkware on hand for your little ones.

Shop All / Cups / 10 oz Kids Cups

10 oz kids cups

$29.00  $21.00

Greens Steel Cups:

 Remember, these are BPA-free, so you don’t have to worry about undiscovered dangers down the road for your kids long-term health.

 Whether they like to drink water, juice, or soda, your kids will find that our cups don’t affect the taste of their favorite beverages! 

The Other Guys:

 Many other drinkware manufacturers are big businesses in the extreme. They only care about the bottom line and create cheap, breakable drinkware that’s far from safe for kids.

 Most kids cups are made of plastic, and many drinkware manufacturers use BPA materials which can cause adverse health effects in kids.

The truth is plain for anyone to see: Green Steel’s Stainless Steel Cups are the top choice no matter how you look at it. Our cups are made with the best stainless steel, without toxic materials, and with eco-friendliness and safety in mind from the start.

Check out our stainless steel cups today and we’re sure you’ll find something perfect for your needs!


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16 oz Black 


16 oz Steel


20 oz Steel


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