How Greens Steel Stainless Steel Water Bottles Compare to the Other Guys

The world of premium drinkware is crowded. It can be tough to know which stainless steel water bottle you should choose when each company claims to be the "best of the best".

In truth, Greens Steel’s Stainless Steel Water Bottles are like no other.

Let’s break down how our water bottles compare to our closest competitors, so you can see the differences for yourself:

6. 18/8 Stainless Steel Perfection

For starters, Greens Steel’s Stainless Steel Water Bottles are crafted out of the highest quality 18/8 Stainless Steel.

In a nutshell, this composite material is durable, long-lasting, and anticorrosive to the extreme.

What You Get with Greens Steel:

  18/8 Stainless Steel that's made of 18% chromium 8% nickel, affording better corrosion resistance. 

  Greens Steel’s water bottles are food safe and don’t affect drink taste. 

  Each water bottle feels sturdy and long-lasting in your hand. 

  We're so confident in the durability of our drinkware that we offer a Lifetime Warranty on all of our stainless steel water bottles.

The Other Guys:

  Standard, less durable stainless steel is the norm with other water bottles on the market, which results in a less hardwearing and easier to scratch drinking vessel. 

  Other drinkware manufacturers sometimes use aluminum for their water bottles, which can lead to various health hazards.

5. No BPA, No Risks

Greens Steel’s water bottles aren’t just great because of their materials: They’re also phenomenal because they're completely BPA-free, meaning you don’t have to worry about health risks or environmental contamination. 

BPA (Bisphenol A) is a common chemical used in drinkware manufacturing to harden materials like plastic. This chemical can disrupt your endocrine system and lead to a host of negative health side effects, such as hormonal disruptions, cancer, and more.

Furthermore, BPA can leach into waterways and harm delicate wildlife ecosystems when used in drinkware construction.

No Nasties Here: 

  Greens Steel cares about your family and the environment, and we refuse to create products containing BPA. 

 Our Water Bottles never use BPA in any part of their manufacturing, nor do any of our other products for that matter!

The Other Guys:

  Other competitors include BPA in their drinkware, either directly in the plastic used for their construction, or within an inner plastic liner that’s required in bottles and tumblers made from cheaper aluminum.

4. Bundled Bottles = Boosted Value for Money!

Stainless steel water bottles don’t have to be expensive. In fact, here at Greens Steel we offer our exceptional bottles in bundles, so you can grab one for everyone in your family and all your favorite friends.

Hurry to stock up and save! The more bottles you buy, the bigger your discount. Bundle 2, 3 or 4 bottles to take advantage of this deal for a limited time:

Whether you're bagging a bundle deal or just grabbing one for yourself, we believe each bottle should come with some extra goodies for you to enjoy.

As our gift to you, here's the bonuses you'll get with every order:

Every Greens Steel Bottle Comes With:

  FREE 2-5 day USA Shipping

  Lifetime Guarantee

  A Leak-Proof Lid & attachable Carabiner, so you can clip your bottle to your bag and make carrying more convenient.

  Beautiful Gift Box Packaging: a perfect surprise when gifting to friends who appreciate premium drinkware!

The Other Guys:

  Bottom line: Greens Steel’s quality drinkware can’t be beaten in terms of price.

  Few other competitors come with lifetime warranties or additional extras.

  Most competitors also don’t provide their water bottles in budget-friendly bundles.

3. Top-Tier Temperature Retention

Perhaps the most important aspect of Greens Steel’s Stainless Steel Water Bottles is the double-wall vacuum insulation.

The vacuum between both layers of stainless steel prevents heat from transferring in or out of the bottle, preserving the temperature of your beverage.

What You Get with Greens Steel:

 Each bottle will keep your drinks either icy cold or super hot.

  Either way, your beverage will remain at the ideal temperature for hours after pouring.

  The double-wall vacuum insulated manufacturing method provides superior durability.

The Other Guys:

  Other stainless steel drinkware doesn’t retain heat or cold to the same degree as our offerings.

2. they're Sweat & Leak-Proof

The best bottle should never leak, no matter how active your adventures are.

That’s why we designed our stainless steel water bottles with a leak-proof, vacuum-sealed lid so you can throw it in the bottom of your bag with complete confidence! 

On top of its incredible leak-proof capabilities, these bottles also come with an armor-like powder coating, which provides an even longer lasting finish that refuses to scrape off like paint.

What You Get with Greens Steel:

  The powder coating boosts each bottle’s durability against scratches and dents, as well as making them easier to grip if your hands get wet.

  The powder-coated exterior prevents condensation from forming and dripping down the outside of the bottle.

  Leak-proof screw lid for confident storing without the risk of spills, even upside-down.

The Other Guys:

  Few other drinkware manufacturers utilize powder-coated finishes for their bottles. Those that do often have a grainy or uncomfortable texture, making those bottles unpleasant to hold.

  Cheap lids that drip or leak, spilling your drink if the bottle isn't kept upright.

1. they're Ergonomic & Comfortable to Hold

Greens Steel’s ergonomic stainless steel water bottles are designed to perfectly fit into the shape of your hand for effortless carrying and drinking.

If you prefer hands-free sipping on the go, you can even add one of our push-button lids to take your bottle's convenience factor to the next level. 

What You Get with Greens Steel:

  Non-slip powder coating makes it easier to keep a solid grip on your bottle, even if you're working up a sweat.  

  Each Greens Steel water bottle comes with a rubber ring and attachable carabiner: clipping your bottle to your bag for easy transportation has never been easier.

  Ergonomically-designed slim bottle fits comfortably in your hand, cup holder and even your bike's water bottle rack. 

The Other Guys:

  Wide bottles don't fit comfortably in your hand or fit in your cup holder. 

  Most competitors don’t provide either a rubber ring or attachable carabiner, forcing you to carry their bottles by hand at all times or stow them away in a bag.

All in all, the results are clear: Greens Steel’s Stainless Steel Water Bottles are the best in the industry. 

Don’t wait any longer – grab yourself one (or three!) of our high-quality stainless steel water bottles for you and your friends today! 

Justin | Greens Steel Wellness Contributor
Maine, USA


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