How Hydration Helps Successful People’s Brains Fire on All Cylinders

Your brain is the most amazing organ in your body – it’s what makes you, you, after all. 

But like the other major organs of your body, including your heart, stomach and liver; your brain requires constant hydration or it starts to malfunction. 

Think of it as mechanical equipment that needs a little oil to keep running at its maximum potential! 

Ever seen folks whose brains just seem to be constantly “on”? Chances are that they’re well hydrated… 

Here’s 4 reasons why being hydrated gives your success an edge:

4. Water Prevents Dehydration, Which Leads to Loss of Concentration

We humans are made up of mostly water, so it’s no surprise that we can get dehydrated quite easily!

When you become dehydrated, your brain loses some lubrication and eventually loses the ability to transfer electrical signals as efficiently as before. This can all too easily lead to a loss of concentration. 

If you want to constantly be firing on all cylinders, you’ll stay hydrated as often as possible throughout the day.

It’s doubly important to be hydrated before a taxing mental challenge, like a test or a creative endeavor.

3. Water Boosts Oxygen Flow to the Brain

Your blood carries oxygen and other nutrients to the brain and other vital organs. As it’s a liquid, it needs lots of water in order to flow properly. 

Therefore, it stands to reason that water can boost oxygen flow to the brain, increasing its thinking capacity and lowering the likelihood of “brain fog”. 

This benefit of an oxygenated brain can even extend to sleep benefits in the long run. The more oxygen your brain has, the more relaxed you’ll be and the better sleep you’ll get over your cycles.

2. Water Bolsters Memory Functions

Your brain is also responsible for storing and retrieving all your memories. If you want perfect recall, whether for nostalgia's sake or for recalling important information for a test or a work event, you’ll want to stay hydrated.

That’s because it's more difficult for our brains to memorize things, create long-term memories, and recall certain key memories if they are dehydrated.

In fact, even mild dehydration can cause you to experience adverse effects with your short-term memory. 

Avoid this result by drinking a cup or two of water every few hours at minimum.

1. Water prevents Headaches

No one likes headaches. But they’re much more common if you’re regularly dehydrated. Dehydration has been shown many times to trigger migraines and headaches depending on your predisposition for the former. 

That’s partially because your brain will swell a bit when it’s dehydrated, as well as lose a little bit of lubrication that protects the spongy brain matter of the organ itself from the interior walls of your skull. 

It’s clear as day for anyone who looks at the research that water is key for proper brain functioning. It’s also a vital ingredient if you want your brain to work as effectively as possible.

Do yourself a favor and drink more water to avoid dehydration and amplify your cognitive function. Successful people swear by it! 

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Justin | Greens Steel Wellness Contributor
Maine, USA


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