Keep Tails Wagging: 4 Tips for Adventures With Your Dog

Dogs truly are man's best friend, and not just because they like to cuddle with us on the couch! 

They’re hands-down the best adventure buddies. Always ready to launch off on new explorations with us, our hounds faithfully stay by our side, whether our outward bounds take us on a hiking trail, to the park, or even just around the neighborhood.  

When us two-legged folk head out and about, there’s always some gear we bring or plans we make to ensure we have the best time possible.

And when it comes to planning a great adventure together, preparing some basics for our furry sidekicks is no exception!  

Here’s our top 4 tips to keep your dog’s tail wagging on all your adventures:

4. Bring Gear for Your Dog!

Your pup might be tough as nails and happily keep up with your pace without skipping a beat, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need some basic necessities to keep them safe and healthy while sniffing out new territory.

Here are some great dog gear choices to take with you on your next adventure together:

 A collapsible silicone water bowl

These nifty travel bowls let you easily give your pup a drink on the trail. Many come with a carabiner so you can collapse it and clip it onto your backpack or belt after your dog has wet his whistle.

Combine this with a Greens Steel Stainless Steel Water Bottle so you can keep fresh water on hand for your dog that stays cool, even after a long day hiking.

 dog booties for harsh conditions

The ground in some mountainous areas can look like harmless rubble, but often is made up of decomposed granite, which is highly abrasive on dog's paws.

Snow and ice can also be irritating to dogs’ delicate paw pads, potentially causing abrasions and cracks that can become infected if they lick them after the walkies.

 An ergonomic-grip leash

Keep your hands comfy from trailhead to summit with a high-quality, retractable leash that's ergonomically fitted to your grip. Some high tech models come with squishy gel grips and even a flashlight!

It's win-win, as you'll stay comfortably in control, while the long retractable line lets your pooch sniff to their heart's content.

3. Be Aware of Extreme Temperatures

On the topic of paw comfort and health, be sure to pay close attention to how hot the ground is in the summer months. 

This is especially important if you’re walking your hound in an urban area with blacktop, asphalt, or artificial grass.

Pavement that’s dark in color gets much hotter than light-colored surfaces, and can cause your dog’s sensitive paws to sustain severe burns and blisters. 

 temperature check!

Test the temperature of the ground by holding the palm of your hand on its surface for 5 seconds. (If it burns your hand, it's too hot for your dog's feet: Hold off on that walk until the evening when the ground has cooled off.)

 hydrate your hound

And don’t forget to keep your dog well hydrated in hotter temps too! Dogs need just as much water as we do, and if you’re sweating up a storm while hiking outdoors, you can bet that your dog is also getting dehydrated.

However, your dog can’t just tell you when they need a drink.

Every time you take a sip from your Greens Steel Bottle, pour a splash into their collapsible bowl to keep those noses wet and kisses sloppy!

2. GPS Collars keep you connected

Even if your dog is particularly well trained, consider adding a GPS attachment to their collar.

These tracking devices let you find your dog if they get off the leash or take off after a scent. Finding your dog in the wilderness otherwise can be difficult, if not impossible. 

The membership to the app servers are well worth the monthly fee, as they utilize satellites to accurately and wirelessly track your pet if they manage to get away from you on the trail.

Plus, for everyday peace of mind, many systems also allow you to chart your pet’s health stats & food intake, set activity goals, monitor their sleeping & licking habits, and set up vaccination reminders.

1. Be Aware of Potential Toxins in Your Adventuring Area

Lastly, be sure to check various National Park’s websites for advisories, so you can educate yourself about potential toxic plants or algae blooms that may pose a risk to your dog. 

As a civilized canine, your dog will want to sniff and/or eat everything, but won’t have the experience to know when something might be poisonous. 

You can save them from potentially ingesting something harmful if you read up on hazardous plants and algae beforehand. 

These threats are local to your environment, of course, so do some research about local-specific hazards that have advisories issued at the time, before any outdoor adventure.

Can we get a round of applause for dogs in general? Our trusty hounds have our backs all day, every day, so it’s a true honor to treat them to fun outdoor adventures that make their soul shine.  

Keep those tails wagging with these top tips, so your furry best friend will stay safe and healthy for many years’ worth of adventures to come. 

Here’s to experiencing the great outdoors and the joy it holds, with our dogs smiling by our sides!

Justin | Greens Steel Wellness Contributor
Maine, USA


Keep your pup hydrated on the trail with a fresh, cool slurp of water poured into their bowl from your Greens Steel Water Bottle…


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