Orphanage Emmanuel

This year Greens Steel was introduced to a non-profit company with a beautiful mission; Orphanage Emmanuel. Orphanage Emmanuel was started in 1989 and opened its doors to 5 children even before it had running water or electricity. It has been growing ever since. 

We had a customer reach out to us this year asking about ordering a large order of stainless steel cups to donate to the orphanage, and we were quite intrigued. 

So we spoke to Laura, who was making the donation, to find out a bit more. We were blown away by the love and generosity of this organization, and we wanted to be sure to share this information with our customers too! 

What is Orphanage Emmanuel

Orphanage Emmanuel is an orphanage in Guaimaca, Honduras. This organization that started with just five children back in 1989 is now caring for 469 children today. The children here are here based on many different circumstances but each and every child is treated with love. 

According to Laura,

"I love the way they have created a home for these children... not just an institution, but a home. They are loved and nurtured as if they were the children of the caregivers. They also have great respect and love for the Special Needs children. They are treated with such dignity.

They are children from some of the most desperate situations that come there broken and often quite ill.. but they don’t stay that way! Love has a way of healing the deepest wounds!"
When Laura reached out to us, we knew we wanted to help make her donation even more special. So Greens Steel offered to engrave these cups at no cost, but we decided we wanted to help do more. So we offered to write a blog and help spread the word about such a beautiful organization helping so many children in need. 

Transition to Stainless Steel Cups

As an organization that is built to care for hundreds of children each and every day, providing a reliable and reusable cup for their daily meals, is critical. Orphanage Emmanuel had been using plastic cups for meal times previously and they were not holding up to the daily wear and tear for as long as they needed them to. Laura is a donor who also had her daughter spend a summer volunteering at Orphanage Emmanuel. When Laura realized the need for new cups to be used, she did her research and found that Greens Steel's stainless steel cups come with a lifetime warranty, and are built to last. She took the time to compare her options with other brands and various materials and decided stainless steel cups were what Oraphange Emmanuel needed. These cups could be used for years to come and cleaned and used again and again. 

We are honored to work with such a wonderful organization that is helping hundreds of children each and every day. Thank you, Laura, for introducing us to such a great organization, and letting us play such a small part in their day to day lives. 

How Does Orphanage Emmanuel Help the Children?

This orphanage has created a warm, nurturing, and loving home for all of the children here. There is no institutional feel, but a safe place to call home. Children can be brought in for a variety of reasons and at Orphanage Emmanuel they will receive the help they need. 


Although the Honduran government only requires children to complete grades 1 -6; Orphanage Emmanuel provides Preschool, Kindergarten, Special Education, Junior High, and High School classes. 

Orphanage Emmanuel High School

The Farm at Orphanage Emmanuel

The farm at this beautiful orphanage is something for many to aspire to. They raise and care for their own pigs, chickens, and cows. They also have a hydroponics garden, growing crops on their farm, and even have a fish house. Each of these sections of the farm is used to help care for one another, and ultimately to feed the children who live here. Each and every child gets to help out in the process. 

Vocational Work

There are many vocational work opportunities for the children of the Orphanage of Emmanuel. These include woodworking, mechanics, cooking, baking, computer work, sewing, English, secretarial work, and even construction, farming, and mechanics. 

Medical Clinic

The medical clinic at Orphanage of Emmanuel is responsible for caring for 450+children, youth, and adults. They welcome doctors and dentists to come and visit to volunteer and bring their own team. They are always welcoming having supplies sent over for a donation. To make a donation to their medical clinic and see a list of their most urgent needs check here.

How Can You Help Orphanage Emmanuel?

There are many ways in which you too can contribute to Orphanage Emmanuel. There is even a list posted on the website with the names of the children and the size clothing they are currently wearing. There are so many beautiful ways to give. 

  • Sponsor a child - this is the primary source of funding for the children at Orphanage Emmanuel.
  • Volunteer - volunteers come from all over the world to donate their time and skills to improving the lives of the children living at Orphanage Emmanuel.
  • Bring a Team - church groups, or a group from work, college students, etc.
  • Be an Ambassador - share the story of the work done here and help to spread the word so others can volunteer and help. 
  • Donations - donations can be made on their website via a simple PayPal link. 

We at Greens Steel are so very grateful for those doing work to help so many children each and every day. We wanted to take a moment and share the work that Orphanage Emmanuel is doing so that we could help to spread awareness and help them continue to spread the love, education, and care, for even more children in Honduras. 


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