Spoil Your Girlfriend or Wife with Greens Steel This Holiday Season

Choosing a perfect holiday gift to impress the starring lady in your life is a high-stakes game.  

Luckily, the holidays couldn’t be a better time to show off how well you’ve been paying attention all year to what she really wants and needs! 

Give the predictable old stocking stuffers a break this year, and instead treat her to a Greens Steel gift that showcases just how much you love and care for her wellbeing.  

These fashion-forward hydration helpers will make sure she always looks the part while sipping on her favorite iced latte, fruit-infused water or superfood smoothie! 

And because our better halves are all as beautiful and unique as snowflakes, you’ll want to make sure you're getting your love something that can accompany her on all the activities she’s got going on. 

She's a busy lady, and her adventures are as exciting as she is. But don't worry, Greens Steel can keep up.  

These gorgeous holiday gifts will appeal to her every current mood; whether that's a morning gym session, trip to the beach or mall...

(or even climbing a mountain!)

4 Girlfriend & Wife-Approved Gifts You absolutely Can’t Go Wrong With:

Want to give some zippy vitality, beautiful skin and vibrant energy to your leading lady? 

Healthy hydration can be your gift for the giving with these Greens Steel showstoppers: 

4. The 30oz BEAST Tumbler

Your lucky lady will smile and think of you every time she takes a sip from this tumbler. She’ll tote it around all day as it’s the perfect size for her protein shake, energizing morning coffee, and then her fortifying afternoon herbal tea. This extra large tumbler represents how extra large your heart is, for her.

3. The 20oz BEAST Tumbler

Is your favorite female a true fashionista? Don’t try to guess her dress size: Instead streamline her perfectly chic outfits with a color-coordinated tumbler. Whatever her favorite color is, you’ll find it here. Match her with her go-to hue (or get her one of each!) These ladylike, slim tumblers are compact enough that she can even tuck it into her purse once she’s finished sipping.

2. The Water Bottle

Streamline your lady’s water-carrying efforts with this elegant bottle that won’t stick out like a sore thumb or be a nuisance to carry. Her purse is already bulky enough! It’ll even keep her water chilled and refreshing right to the end of her hot yoga class.

1. A Handle for Her BEAST

If your significant other is always non-stop, she’ll be loving this ergonomic handle that makes her BEAST even easier to sip from. Grab her a bright candy-colored handle that shouts her style from the rooftops, or the classic black to blend perfectly with whichever outfit and BEAST that day’s glamor demands.

Just as the old adage goes; happy wife, happy life. We know from experience that this sentiment couldn't apply to anything more fittingly than holiday gift shopping!  

Treat your significant other to one of these wife (and wife-material!) approved gifts, so she’ll know just how thoughtful you are. 

We promise you’ll both be smiling all season long, and then all year long as she’s happily hydrating in style, thanks to you.  

Wishing you and your lucky lady a magical festive season,  

Greens Steel's Impossible to Shop for Woman/Retail Therapy Expert

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