10 benefits of using a stainless steel water bottle

Have you been eyeing up one of our stainless steel water bottles but don’t know whether or not to take the plunge? We believe that stainless steel is best. It’s the most durable, eco-friendly, and cost effective option and has many potential health benefits over drinking from plastic water bottles.  

Read on to find out more about all the different stainless steel water bottle benefits.

1. They are healthier than plastic bottles

Stainless steel water bottles don’t contain BPA or other potentially harmful chemicals. Bisphenol A (BPA) is a chemical compound used to manufacture certain plastics, including plastic water bottles, that can disrupt the endocrine function in humans and animals. There are some studies that suggest a link between BPA and reproductive issues in fertile women.

Despite being banned by many countries such as France, Canada, and Belgium, the FDA still considers BPA safe and allows it to be used in the manufacturing process of plastic water bottles. This means that by continuing to drink from plastic, you could be slowly damaging your health over time.

BPA isn’t used in the manufacturing of stainless steel, however, meaning by investing in a stainless steel water bottle, you are safeguarding your health in the long run.

2. Stainless steel is more sustainable

It can be used and recycled many more times than plastic Besides plastic potentially containing nasty chemicals, stainless steel is also the much more sustainable option. 

It can be reused and recycled many more times than plastic can and will last a lot longer as well, meaning you can enjoy your water bottle for many many years. This leads into our next point… 

3. They are cheaper in the long run

Although the initial cost of a stainless steel bottle is an investment, the amount of money you will end up saving on buying single-use plastic bottles will be much greater in the long run.  The average American buys around 167 disposable plastic water bottles a year which can end up costing you $266 in total - much more expensive than buying a single stainless steel water bottle.

4. They take less energy and fewer resources to make

You wouldn’t be completely wrong to question this particular fact because, at first glance, steel takes a lot more energy to produce and mould than plastic does. However, compared to the 167 bottles a year that the average American uses, the amount of power needed is far less - just like the monetary cost.  Not only is the power to make a plastic bottle very high, but the resources needed are too. A typical plastic water bottle takes 1.4 gallons of water to manufacture - not including the water inside it. Although the initial water used to create a stainless steel bottle is significantly higher, you can save over 200 gallons of water going to waste a year by using just one stainless steel bottle instead.

5. They just taste better

Water from a stainless steel bottle doesn’t taste of whatever drink you had in there previously.  We’ve all been subjected to a sip of bottled water that tastes… off. Whether it’s the taste of an old drink clinging to the inside or just the plastic itself, sometimes the water just tastes wrong even after cleaning it. 

One of the best stainless steel bottle benefits is that it doesn’t hold onto flavours of old drinks and the steel itself doesn’t leave a bad taste in your mouth. It’s best to wash your bottle regularly, especially if you’re partial to strongly flavoured beverages such as cordial or coffee to help preserve the best flavour of your water.

6 They keep your drinks hot or cold for longer

How often have you returned to your car after running errands to discover you left your new bottle of water in the cup holder and it’s gone warm? Or perhaps you made yourself a delicious coffee to drink on the drive to work and by the time you arrive at the office it’s gone stone cold. Either way, sipping a drink at the less-than-optimal temperature is extremely disappointing.  

Stainless steel water bottles are double-walled and are designed to keep your drinks as hot or cold for as long as possible so you can enjoy it even after forgetting about it for hours.

7. They’re a convenient way to stay hydrated

Avoid repeated trips to the convenience store or water cooler with a tiny cup Staying hydrated is undeniably one of the biggest health benefits of drinking water in a steel bottle. 

Our bodies are made up of 60% water and need plenty of fluids throughout the day to stay healthy and functioning properly. That being said, drinking water isn’t always the most convenient task. Between tiny cups at the water cooler to having to make the trip to the convenience store to grab a water bottle, drinking water quickly turns into a chore.  

Carrying a water bottle around with you that you can refill at any water fountain or tap is one of the most convenient ways to stay hydrated. Not only will it keep the water cold throughout the day, they can hold substantially more liquid than those tiny paper cups ever will, making for way less trips to the cooler.

8. Easy to keep clean

Unlike plastic which can absorb different flavours and can be really difficult to keep properly clean, stainless steel bottles are much easier to clean properly and ensure they’re sanitary. As your bottle has a very moist environment it’s easy for mold and bacteria such as E. coli to build up within the bottle and lid. Whether you’re using the bottle for coffee, hot chocolate, water or iced tea, it’s highly recommended to properly clean and sanitise the bottle after every use. 

An easy way to keep them clean is to use a bottle brush, dish soap and water. Alternatively we have a wholeguide on how to clean stainless steel water bottles which goes into much finer detail and offers some alternative cleaning methods.

9. Available in different sizes to suit your lifestyle

12oz, 17oz, 25oz 

Different people drink different amounts of water over their days. Those who are very active or live in hot climates need a lot more fluids to stay hydrated than those who live in colder areas or live much more sedentary lifestyles. 

Due to different people needing different amounts of water, a stainless steel bottle is the perfect option as they’re available in multiple different sizes to suit your needs. 

If you exercise a lot and like to work up a sweat, a large 25oz bottle is perfect. Alternatively, if you spend your days relaxing, a smaller 12oz bottle might be the perfect size for you.

10. A durable option

While there are plenty of other water bottle options out there, a stainless steel bottle is the one most likely to last you the longest amount of time.  Unlike plastic bottles which can be punctured or crushed out of shape, and glass bottles which can get smashed if they slip from your hand, steel is very durable. A stainless steel bottle won’t break if you drop it and won’t get crushed at the bottom of your bag. The most damage that’s likely to be done is either scratches or dents, neither of which affect how your bottle functions. 


There are plenty of advantages and benefits to switching to a stainless steel water bottle.  If you’re looking for more information on the different types of water bottles you can buy, check out our blog post that goes into much more depth about the various types of water bottles to help you make the best decision for you. 

We’re pretty proud of our range of stainless steel water bottles though so if you’re looking for a durable, eco-friendly, sustainable bottle, whether new to reusable bottles or not, check out our range for a refreshing change.


Quit settling for any old water bottle that just doesn’t get the job done, and go with the best instead…


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