Summer Essentials: Why Greens Steel Should Always Be in Your Beach Bag

Heading to the beach for a day in the sunshine? Whether you’re planning an action-packed day in the waves or a relaxed sunbathe on the sand, your beach bag should be packed with some essentials that ensure all your summer days are what memories are made of.

Aside from the usual suspects like your swimsuit, sunscreen, towel and snacks, there’s another must-have item ready to make your beach days all the more enjoyable: A Greens Steel water bottle or tumbler.

So, why does this high-performing drinkware pair so perfectly with the beach? Here’s 3 reasons why Greens Steel should always be in your beach bag:


It’s getting hot out there on the sand! A Greens Steel Water Bottle or BEAST Tumbler will be the happiest addition to your beach bag on scorching summer days, thanks to their incredible ability to control the temperature of your beverages.  

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Most of us go to the beach when it’s hot outside, which in turn means the contents of your bag are going to be subjected to the ambient heat too. Non-insulated drinkware is no match to the blazing sun beating down on your stuff: 

And there’s nothing worse than feeling hot and sweaty, reaching for your bottle to grab a refreshing sip, then having your mouth greeted by a lukewarm slosh of liquid... 

Luckily, tossing a Greens Steel bottle or BEAST in your beach bag guarantees a cool drink, all day long. This double-wall insulated drinkware saves the day when the mercury rises, thanks to their splash-proof lids and vacuum insulation! This innovative vacuum insulation prevents warm air molecules from transferring heat to the cool molecules inside your beverage container. 

So you can rest assured that your water or any other drink you bring along will stay fresh, cool and delicious.


2. They’re Big Enough to Hold All the Hydration You Need

Being at the beach works up a thirst! It goes without saying that staying adequately hydrated at the beach is critical to enjoying your day, and not feeling completely zapped at the end of it.

In full sunshine and temps that reach over 80°F, it only takes about an hour for most people to get dehydrated if you’re not sipping regularly. This is doubly true if you’re exerting yourself by swimming, playing beach volleyball or building sandcastles! Letting your body get parched can lead to a lot of negative physical side effects like dizziness, fatigue, or even nausea: If you’ve ever come back from the beach and collapsed straight into bed, there’s a fair chance your exhaustion was caused by dehydration!

The supersized Greens Steel drinkware is your best bet for carrying enough liquids to keep you bright and summer-lovin’. Available in a range of sizes to suit the duration of your beach visit, the Water Bottles go up to a thirst-quenching 25oz, and the BEAST Tumbler packs a whopping 40oz capacity. Did I mention their splash-proof lids and vacuum seals prevent spills and keep the sand out too? I’ll drink to that.


Many of the most popular beaches in America have huge problems when it comes to littering, especially with disposable things like plastic bottles. You can do your part for marine life and avoid adding more plastic to local landfills by purchasing reusable, durable stainless steel tumblers and bottles from Greens Steel.

Not only are these bottles better overall, especially in terms of temperature control, they also don’t add to the litter you might see when you visit the beach. Plus, they can hold more water than many of the small, disposable plastic bottles you can get at vending machines or convenience stores. 

Do your part when you’re out enjoying the ocean by choosing reusable drinkware, it’s one little thing we can all do to protect aquatic ecosystems and birdlife.

All in all, this durable drinkware is one of the first things I grab when I’m packing my beach bag! Greens Steel is a major part of any complete beach trip kit, so be sure to include a bottle or tumbler along with your sunscreen and towel next time you’re off to dip your toes in!

Fefe | Greens Steel Wellness Contributor
Nevada, USA


Keep your cool this summer with the insulated bottles and tumblers essential for a complete beach bag and perfect day by the waves… 


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