The 3 Best Snacks to Serve with Coffee to Impress Your Guests

Looking to roll out some wow factor when people stop by for coffee? Forget the predictable bagels and cookies; now you can whip up some show-stopping snacks that will make everyone think you're a culinary rockstar!

You’ve heard the rule of thumb when pairing wines with your dinner courses... But do you know your coffee pairings?

That’s right - the tasting notes of coffee vary greatly between the different roasts, and serving each brew with their optimal food pairing reveals even more amazing flavor profiles and aromas. Talk about a great way to show off your gourmet skills next time your in-laws, friends and coworkers pop over for coffee!

Kick the sophistication up a notch with these 3 surprising snack pairings, all guaranteed to impress your guests: 

light roast coffee

the barista's choice

Coffees on the light end of the roast spectrum tend to be more expressive, with higher levels of acidity. Generally sweeter on the palate than their darker-roasted counterparts and boasting fruity, floral & herbal notes.

the perfect pairing:

avocado toast

A favorite snack at cafés all over, this trendy staple is just as easy and delicious to make at home, and an ultimate crowd-pleaser.

The creaminess of the avocado brings forward a robust mouthfeel, giving your lighter-roast coffees a more full-bodied taste. Be sure to squeeze some lemon into your avocado puree, which will emphasize the tangy citrus notes in the coffee too!

Brioche and crusty sourdough bread are perfect pairs, but a firm and fresh wholegrain or baguette will also do the trick!

medium roast coffee


Medium roasts hit the sweet spot between citrusy light roasts & spicy dark roasts. Striking a balance in flavor, aroma and acidity; they exhibit nutty, cocoa, and toffee flavors.

the perfect pairing:

caprese salad

Although salad isn't the first thing you might think to serve with coffee, this classic Italian insalata caprese will surprise and delight your guests!

The subtle sweetness of the mozzarella, tanginess of the tomato, and herbal basil all work together in a beautiful medley of flavors, softening and complementing the rich flavor of medium-roast coffees.

Make your own Caprese salad at home with grape or cherry tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella and fresh basil leaves. To finish, drizzle with extra virgin olive oil and balsamic glaze for a luxurious and substantial snack that will hold your guests over till dinner.

dark roast coffee


Dark roast coffees are the most bold and bitter of the spectrum, trading delicate acidic flavors for complex & spicy aromas. Flavor profiles range from herbal and spicy, to dark cocoa, caramel and molasses notes.

the perfect pairing:

chocolate truffles

Chocolate is coffee’s best friend, and the deep nutty flavors of each one complement the other seamlessly.

Naturally, the darker your coffee roast, the darker your optimal chocolate will be. Serve a shot of espresso with chocolate that's 64% cocoa or above, or opt for chocolate truffles for that extra air of sophistication. 

Take casual coffee drop-ins to the next level with these easy, gourmet snacks sure to wow your guests. By pairing these surprising snack combos with each type of coffee roast, you'll unlock all the sweeter, richer, tangier and creamier moments inside each cup!

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Maggie Johnson | Greens Steel Lifestyle Contributor

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