The 5 Most Eco Friendly States in the US

In our book, the greener your state is, the better...

And we're not just talking about how many trees each of the states have... Although beautiful nature is a bonus!

We're looking at which American states are the most environmentally aware overall: 

Those who report significant earth-conscious and climate-change contributions that define them as the most eco friendly states in America to visit and call home. 

Sustainability and energy conservation is
paramount when it comes to preventing water and air particle pollution, and in turn keeping our planet's environmental quality green and clean for many generations to come.  

Proactivity is far more effective than reactivity when it comes to being environmentally friendly! 


Having an environmental conscious and being eco-friendly is a way of life, not only on a smaller scale in our homes- but also on a larger scale when it comes to government policies that lead to blazing new paths for greener industry employment. 


When state governments have their finger on the pulse of conservation, they provide new practices that play a direct role in how a state or community conducts itself on the whole.


At home, being eco-conscious involves conserving energy by turning off lights, recycling, using solar energy, and conserving fossil fuels. 

And on a larger scale, certain US states are stepping it up to enhance their conservation efforts. 

These states are:

  • Providing tax cuts and grants to homeowners for making more sustainable choices in their energy sources.

  • Upgrading public transport, public walkways and bike paths to reduce the number cars on the roads.

  • Educating the public of the magnitude of the importance that we nurture our earth. 
So, what are the highest ranking environmentally friendly states in America? 


Here, we rank the top 5... We wonder if you've noticed the difference when you visit these earth-loving states?

5. new hampshire

New Hampshire is one of the leaders in using energy from fossil fuels.

 Residents of New Hampshire receive a property tax exemption for more sustainable upgrades and installations on their homes.

Specific upgrades that attract tax exemptions for New Hampshire residents include wind turbines, central wood-fired heating systems, and solar panels on their roofs. 

4. south dakota

Hydroelectricity and wind power are at the top of the list for South Dakota's renewable sources of energy. There are very few states that supersede this state in that regard. 

 While the state was not always the greenest, public policy initiatives were recently put into place that proved to be successful in drastically reducing the amount of energy created from coal over the past decade. 

Reducing the coal industry's monopoly in turn reduced the amount of particle pollution in the air, and made way for more sustainable energy plants to gather electricity from sun and wind power instead.

3. rhode island

Rhode Island has a goal to achieve 100% sustainability in the future. The state is home to the very first wind turbine farm offshore. 

The amount of “green space” per capita in Rhode Island is astonishing, especially considering the small size of the state.

Just last year, Rhode Island actually generated more energy from sustainable sources such as wind and solar power than it produced from biomass. 

2. Connecticut

Connecticut is one of the eighteen US states that took part in the International Energy Conservation Code, also known as the IECC. This code was put into place to provide a reference point and set an example of efficiency within the buildings sector. 

 As a result of this IECC assessment they took part in, Connecticut now has a public benefits fund known as the Clean Energy Fund.

The Clean Energy Fund works to raise private investment, which sponsors clean and renewable energy statewide, and creates more eco friendly industry employment. 

Energy efficiency is widely accepted and endorsed within the “Constitution State”. 

1. vermont

Vermont, the Green Mountain State, is ranked in the top ten of the country when it comes to air, soil, and water quality. 

All of these elements are essential for clean living, and keeping the earth and environment the way it was intended to be. 

 Vermont has a whopping number of buildings that are classified as “green” in accordance with the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED).

The LEED program is the most widely used rating system for assessing buildings in the world, and Vermont has been dedicated to upholding their new construction within these earth conscious standards. 

This state also developed the Vermont Green Business Program, which helps businesses become more earth conscious and reduce their effects on climate change, to enhance their sustainability.


And the winner of the most eco-friendly CITY in the United States is: 


 San Francisco, CA! 

This city takes the cake when it comes to sustainability and consciousness of the environment in their daily lives.

One of the largest contributors to this accomplishment is the fact that San Francisco is the American city with the least amount of residents who commute to their daily job by car. 


Much of the transportation in San Fran is based on “hybrid-electric” systems. San Francisco is also one of the most bicycle-friendly cities around. 


Other factors that helped tip the scales in earth-aware favor for San Francisco include the fact that:

  • Recycling is an ingrained habit among its residents.

  • Farmers markets are extremely prominent, cutting down on single-use plastic consumption from packaged foods from grocery stores.

  • Vegan eateries are particularly common, which maximizes fair trade and organic foods. 

  • The city has banned the use of plastic bags in an effort to reduce waste and pollution.


Do you live in one of these 5 green American states, or have visited and noticed a difference? 

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Environmental accountability is an essential factor in making a difference and preserving the natural elements and fossil fuels upon which our world relies. 

 It's encouraging to see all these American states who are leading the way for the rest of the country, and the world...

 When we focus on nurturing our air and water quality, make the choice to recycle and dispose of waste properly, and through taking measures to conserve our consumable energy resources... Great strides can be made in the right direction toward going green and reducing our carbon footprint.

Let's show these eco friendly states our support and do our part to preserve this beautiful earth!

Kristina Greens Steel Outdoors Contributor

Greens Steel is a family company. Its roots are firmly planted in healthy living, ethical business models and a dedication to preserving our earth in its pristine beauty for many generations to come.

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