The Perfect Gift for Your Guy: In the Bag with Greens Steel

4 Boyfriend & Husband-Approved Gifts He’ll Be Bragging About

If your fella is as no-nonsense as mine is... I feel you, girl.

Choosing a perfect holiday gift that will not only impress him, but appeal to his sense of practical simplicity and functional capability can be a serious challenge.  

Of course, our guys have probably gotten us something fabulous already (because we’ve been dropping hints all month, naturally).

But when we ask what they want for Christmas, they insist they don’t need anything. So now what? 

Now is where you’ve come to the right place to check all the boxes with a gift that’s perfect for the active, busy, practical main man in your life.

A gift that’s just like him: One that’s useful, healthy, has undeniably good looks, is super tough, and adaptable to any situation.

How could he not love his own striking image being represented in drinkware-form?

Now, if only we could get his new Greens Steel gift to take out the garbage once in a while…

4. The 30oz BEAST Tumbler

Think your no-fuss guy doesn’t accessorize? Think again.

This absolute BEAST of a tumbler is sure to be his new go-everywhere companion.

It’s big enough for his pre-workout protein shake or morning heartstarter caffeine kick.

And if your main man has a king-sized thirst, check out the new 40 oz BEAST Tumbler that will completely smash his hydration goals. 

3. The Take-Anywhere Water Bottle

Being the hardworking men of the house they are, our guys get into some thirsty work on the daily.

Staying energized during his gym session, hike, sports practice, daily commute or yard work is an endurance sport, and this bottle will help him claim the win, whatever his hustle.

He’ll never leave his drink behind again, thanks to this water bottle that’s every bit as tough as it looks.

2. A Handle for His BEAST

Ratchet up his hydration capabilities with this ergonomic handle for his new BEAST.

We know he’s going to want to take his coffee or shake on all his adventures, so grab this indestructible handle so he can take his 30oz energy jolt to places he never could before!

1. Cups (Almost) as Tough as He Is

Guys love all things industrial-looking.

These cups will fit right in, no matter how masculine he likes his man cave to look. Plus, they’re unbreakable enough to survive even the rowdiest of football-watching get-togethers... with flying elbows.

And there you have it!  

Your holiday shopping mission for your hard-to-buy-for boyfriend or husband is in the bag... No more resorting to boring BBQ hampers or corny custom photo mugs that'll gather dust on his desk.  

With these Greens Steel gifts, he'll know you really put some effort into choosing a present that he’ll actually want this holiday season.  

Show your homebase hero just how much he means to you, and get ready to overhear him bragging about what a great wife (or wife-material!) you are to his buddies. 

Happy holidays and here’s to a season of spoiling each other,

Tricky Gift-Recipient Whisperer