How To Get Kids To Drink More Water

Getting your kids to drink water can be a challenge as a parent. Kids are super active, and often need to drink more water than they do. However, most of them hate the taste of water or find it boring, and this leaves parents with a tricky dilemma. How can we get kids to drink more water? 

In this article we’re looking at the top ways you can sneak more water into your child’s routine, without them thinking that you’re imposing strict hydration rules on them. Getting your kids to drink more water can be fun! Here’s how…

What To Do When Your Kids Won’t Drink Water

Don’t panic! Many kids don’t love drinking water, but there are some great ways to get them drinking more. These include:

Encourage Them To Drink Flavoured Water

Flavoured water is a great way to keep your kids hydrated, while also offering them something tasty to quench their thirst. Children generally enjoy drinking sweeter drinks and will often crave things like fruit juice and soft drinks. While these aren’t always the healthiest options, you can find some healthier cordials that are low in sugar and high on natural fruit juice. These can be delicious drinks for your children to enjoy, and will keep them hydrated without them even realising!

You can also create your own flavoured water that will use fresh fruit to flavour water overnight. You can create this in one big jug that your children help themselves to throughout the week, or you could make individual bottles of water to mix it up. Check out our flavoured water ideas for kids for more inspiration.

Get Them A Drink Bottle They Love

One of the quickest and easiest ways to get your kids to drink more water is to allow them to choose their drink bottle, cup or glass. Children love having their own personal bottle as it really gives them the opportunity to make hydration their own responsibility. By making them feel grown up with their own bottle, you will empower them to drink more water throughout the day.

Give them a challenge

Kids love to win games, and giving them a challenge will keep them competitive. Why not try setting your child a challenge to drink a certain amount each day. Kids should drink around 1.5L of water per day, so you could measure a set amount into their water bottle and challenge them to drink a certain amount throughout the day. 

If they manage to drink the amount of water that you challenge them with (at first it may just be 500ml in a bottle throughout the day) then you can offer them a small reward.

Make Drink Times A Natural Part Of Your Child’s Routine

Children are very easily influenced when it comes to routine, so if they know that they always have their drink of water while they do a certain task - like their homework - then they will find that they get into the habit quite quickly. Building drinks into your family’s daily routine will help kids stick to healthy habits and understand when they should be drinking. This way you can also avoid certain times of day, like right before bed, and encourage better drinking times.

Build Their Water Intake Up Slowly

Kids need to drink a lot less water than adults to stay hydrated, so don’t force them to drink more than they need to. Your child will often tell you if they feel thirsty, and it is always good to empower them to take control of their own hydration. Upping their water intake slowly is a great way to allow them to drink more at their own pace, and feel comfortable with their new hydration habits. 

A colourful and fun kids water bottle can really help with the process of encouraging kids to drink more water. A reusable water bottle also encourages children to look after the environment and understand the dangers of single use plastics. To find more inspiration, take a look at the 7 reasons to buy your child a reusable water bottle.

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