3 easy tips for an eco-friendly Christmas

'Tis the season to be jolly, spread peace and good will to all, and visit family members we haven’t seen since last Christmas. But this time of year is also one of the most wasteful. 


Over the holiday period, approximately 125,000 tonnes of plastic packaging is used for gifts, we travel a cumulative 6 billion miles to see friends and family, and if we placed all the cards alongside each other, they’d cover the world’s circumference 500 times.  

It’s a time for celebration but it’s also a time for overconsumption which can cause harm to our planet and environment. If you’re looking for a way to make your festivities a little more eco-friendly, we’ve got you covered. Read on to find out how to have a merry eco-friendly Christmas.

Sustainable Christmas gift

Gift giving is, arguably, one of the biggest parts of Christmas. We collectively spend millions on our friends and loved ones every year so the impact that can be made my making more environmentally friendly options can be massive. Here are some ideas for more sustainable gifting. 


Keep an eye out for options that actively talk about their eco-friendly stances. There are lots of options for clothing that is responsibly sourced and sustainably made. Clothing rom more sustainable brands also tend to last longer which help to reduce the environmental impact of eat item.

2. Don’t overdo it with gifts they don’t ask for

Asking for a list of things they would like is a great way to help reduce the amount of waste that is created. Stick to the list and try not to go overboard with the little extra things they maybe not want or be able to use past the holiday period.

3. Opt for reusable products

Items that can be used and reused multiple times help to lower their impact on the environment so are much mre eco-friendly than their disposable counterparts.  Gift your loved ones a reusable stainless steel bottle or a reusable coffee cup for the perfect eco-friendly Christmas present.

4. Eco-friendly gift wrap

The amount of wrapping paper, ribbon, and tape that ends up in landfill at this time of year is very high and not every type of wrapping material can be recycled as the majority of ribbon, tape, and even paper contain plastic. There are all kinds of eco-friendly ways to wrap your gifts.  

Tie them up in some scrap fabric or (new) handkerchiefs for a colourful, reusable option. Use plain brown or white paper and recycled ribbon for a more classic feel that can be recycled, and swap out the plastic sticky tape for compostable paper tape.

Sustainable Christmas tree

No Christmas is complete without the sparkling lights, glittering baubles, and the decorated trees. But Christmas trees aren’t always the most sustainable. Real trees are grown in monoculture farms which can damage the wildlife of the area while artificial trees consume large amounts of resources to create. Here are some ways to make your trees more eco-friendly.

1. Artificial trees

If you've got a fake tree already, keep using it and make it last as long as possible to counteract the amount of energy it takes to create it.  

When it comes to replacing your artificial trees, look into more environmentally-sound options such as buying second hand or investing in a tree that will last many more years.  

Find second hand ones. 

 2. Use (or grow) your own

Using or buying a tree with roots lets you grow it outside and reuse it again each year, reducing its environmental impact and costing you less over all.  

Small evergreen, holly, apple, pear, bay and Japanese maple trees can all be bought in containers and all make merry additions to your festive decor.

3. Real trees

If you prefer real trees and want to be reassured that your tree has been grown sustainably, look for the FSC-certification  logo or get one that's approved by the Soil Association. 

Eco-friendly Christmas decorations

Once you’ve navigated your way around making the presents, the gift wrap, and the tree more eco-friendly, you may want to turn to the decorations in your home. There’s a lot of plastic and non-recyclable materials to be found so here are some tips for becoming more eco-conscious. 

  • Avoid anything glittery unless you can confidently say it’s eco-friendly glitter. The sparkly glitter that can be found everywhere is usually made from plastic and is one of the worst contributors to microplastics in the oceans. 
  • Try to avoid plastic decorations and opt for ones made from natural materials such as wood or paper instead.  
  • Use the decorations you currently have until they can’t possibly be used anymore to help extend their life and lower their impact. 
  • Invest in some special pieces that you don’t mind bringing out every year.

Food glorious food

Who can argue that one of the best parts of the holiday period is the food? We eat up to 80% more food during the holidays than the rest of the year and it’s a good place to turn to when trying to be more eco-friendly. 

  • Try to eat less meat where possible as the meat industry has some of the largest impacts on the planet.  
  • Where possible, try to buy organic fruits and vegetables to help ensure that you’re protecting the environment and encouraging farmers to use better tactics.  
  • Also try to buy local where possible to support your local farming community as well as cut down on the amounts of emissions from delivery trucks.  
  • Choose to get your food order delivered rather and fighting the crowds at supermarkets. Food delivery is almost like public transport - multiple orders make the journey in one van rather than those same 4 or 5 cars making the trip to the supermarket.  
  • Try not to impulse buy - a sentiment many people can probably relate to. Don’t let the special offers on extra chocolates persuade you from spending more. You’ll save money and prevent unnecessary waste.  

We hope this blog has helped you learn more about how to have a sustainable Christmas. With a few easy swaps, being more eco-friendly doesn’t need to be a chore and can still spread the festive cheer. Need more inspiration? Check out our blog post about why our The Beast tumbler makes an excellent gift!


Warm the cockles of your heart & power through the chilly season with the BEAST.


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