Why the Greens Steel Beast is the Best Travel Tumbler

drinks on the move? 
the beast has your back.

Whether you're hitting the highway on a road trip, making the daily commute to the office, heading to a hotel for a weekend escape, or just strolling around the farmers market on a Sunday morning... 

There's always one accessory that we never leave home without.

Call us creatures of habit, but our travel mug is always along for the ride. 

You'll know by now that life doesn't hit the pause button, so our morning coffee or afternoon smoothies have the added necessity of being portable, as well as delicious.

Sound like a lofty expectation? Not for the Greens Steel BEAST Tumbler

So what is it that makes the BEAST the pick of the crop in the travel tumbler world?

Check out these 7 reasons why the Greens Steel BEAST is the best travel tumbler to keep up with your busy schedule... 

7. THE BEAST has excellent insulation

Your travel tumbler goes everywhere with you; So in order to keep your drinks fresh and at the perfect temperature as they join you on life's wild ride, you'll need some effective insulation.

The BEAST tumbler is beyond compare when it comes to insulating capabilities, thanks to the rigorous design and testing process that revealed the ideal formula to achieve its travel tumbler perfection.

Combined with the vacuum seal, the BEAST's thick double wall construction offers an additional layer of insulated air that separates your hot or cold drinks inside the tumbler from the elements surrounding you, allowing superior temperature retention for hours on end.

keep your hot drinks hot & cold drinks cold:

superior temperature retention

  The BEAST's copper-lined double wall keeps your hot drinks hot, even in freezing winter temperatures; and your cold drinks icy and refreshing on the most scorching of summer days. 

 vacuum insulated

 Over engineered to maintain your drink at the perfect temperature, from the first sip right down to the very last drop.

6. The beast is ergonomic

Naturally, when you've finally got your hands on a truly groundbreaking travel tumbler... You're never going to want to put it down.

This reality demanded that the BEAST designers delve into some serious studies of bio-mechanics. We'll save you all the boring scientific details, but let's just say they went to work researching exactly how to create a truly ergonomic cup that was comfortable to hold, carry, and drink out of all day long...


It's all in the little details, and the BEAST has checked every box imaginable when it comes to ergonomic comfort and ease of use. 


perfect proportions for comfy carrying

Wide top tapers down to a slim base. (It's no coincidence this narrow base fits perfectly into your hand!)

Without sacrificing any coffee capacity, it's still super comfortable to hang onto. 

it Won't Slip Out of Your Grip

The 30oz BEAST even incorporates an indented design at the base, which cleverly forms the perfect ledge for your fingers to comfortably balance the weight of the cup on.

Ensures you'll always keep a solid grasp and prevent the risk of your BEAST slipping out of your grip, even when it's at its heaviest capacity.


 The BEAST's tapered base design fits snugly into any cup holder. So you can always keep your hydration handy whether you're in the car, boat, RV, or even at the movies!

5. The beast gives you the option to throw on a nifty handle

While we're on the topic of ergonomics, we couldn't neglect giving an honorable mention to the detachable BEAST handle.

Elevate your tumbler to extreme ergonomic status when you slide on this nifty handle add-on. 



 Ergonomic thumb rest & finger grooves, designed for maximum form-fitting comfort to the contours of your grip.

Eliminates fatigue and muscle aches in the hands for effortless holding & carrying all day. 

universal fit

Universally fits both the 20oz & 30oz BEAST. 

Simply slide handle up to the desired height to wedge it firmly in place.

4. The beast is extremely durable

When creating a tumbler that would stand up to any adventure, the designers of the BEAST really pushed the boat out. 

It really will stand up to any activity you can throw at it...


superior finishing inside & out

Powder-coated exterior finishes won’t scratch or chip.

 Dishwasher safe, even with frequent washing. 

Premium Materials 

 Backed by a Lifetime Warranty & 100% Satisfaction money-back guarantee.

 18/8 Stainless Steel construction (...almost bulletproof!)

3. The beast has a SPILL RESIstant lid

When your drinks are seriously "to-go", having a reliable spill-proof lid on your travel tumbler will be a lifesaver. 

Not only will it keep your drink in your cup where it's supposed to be around all the wildest corners, but its secure vacuum seal contributes to the insulating capabilities that help keep your drink at the optimum temperature.

spill resistance saves your stuff:

splash-proof any activity

 Spill resistant, so it's safe to carry in your bag.

 Sturdy, secure taste spout opens and re-seals with ease.

Vacuum seals keep your drink insulated for longer.

Premium Materials

 The lid is the highest quality around, crafted from shatter-proof, crystal clear, BPA-free Tritan plastic.

2. The beast comes in different sizes

Being out and about is thirsty work, and the BEAST has precisely the capacity you need to wet your whistle. Some days require more caffeine than others. We've all been there...

how thirsty are you today?

The BEAST has you covered when it comes to taking along the right amount of reviving hot coffee, replenishing hydration, or energizing protein shakes to get you through your adventure. 

Choose your ideal size of BEAST and launch into it! 


 20 ounces of piping hot coffee will get you all the way to the office... 


 30 ounces will get you through end-to-end Zoom calls...


 And 40 ounces will last you all the way to the summit of the mountain!


Sipping tropical refreshers by the pool or an Irish coffee by the fireplace has never looked better...

With many of the leading international resorts and hotel groups making moves to eliminate single-use plastics such as straws, cocktail toothpicks, and plastic cups entirely from their properties...

Pool and fireside cocktail hour will need a makeover on one of its critical components: The drinkware.

Because glass and pools have never gotten on well together (not to mention, your hot buttered rum goes cold fast with the kiss of the chilly mountain air!), stay ahead of the game and pack the BEAST on your next trip.


Sustainable & Stylish for Eco Conscious Travelers

 Ethical tumbler production from start to finish.

BPA Free construction. 

 Shine as bright as the summer sun with a rainbow of cheerful vacay-approved BEAST colors. 

Keeps Your Cold Drinks Cold & Your Hot Drinks Hot 

 Double Wall Vacuum Insulation keeps cocktails chilled for hours and hot drinks steaming, even in alpine conditions. 

Spill Resistant slide-close lid keeps the sand between your toes, where it's supposed to be. 

bonus: where can you take your beast?  

We can say, without any hesitation, that it'd be much faster to answer the question; "Where CAN'T you take your BEAST?" 

As you can see, this BEAST of a travel tumbler unequivocally lives up to its name. 

Combining its unbreakable durability, insane temperature retention, and clever functionality; the BEAST can go anywhere you boldly go in life.

And just like your favorite travel buddy, you know your loyal BEAST tumbler will be enthusiastically ready and raring for the next adventure as soon as you're up to it... So, what are you waiting for? 

We really should be out there in the great outdoors, exploring this incredible world with our BEASTs right now! 

Self-Proclaimed Tumbler Aficionado
Nevada, USA

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