3 Reasons You’ll Want to “Get a Handle” On Our New Coffee Cup

If your busy days are punctuated by the energizing kiss of caffeine as much as mine are, listen up: You’re about to level up your life once you get your hands on the brand new Greens Steel Coffee Cup!

We’ve reinvented the stainless steel drinkware industry here at Greens Steel, offering excellent insulation, durable materials, and affordability all in our sustainable beverage containers. But we’ve recently decided to change the game for disposable paper coffee cups, too!

Our new insulated cafe-style cup is truly one of a kind. It takes the shape of your favorite coffee shop to-go cups… Then adds a bunch of features no mermaid could ever compete with...

Ready to get a handle on your coffee experience for good? Here’s 3 key reasons why you’ll want to try out our new reusable Coffee Cup ASAP:

3. The Built-In Handle!

It wouldn’t be the best coffee cup on the market if it didn’t have a convenient carry handle! Our Coffee Cup’s built-in top handle lets the flask double as a mug or as an easy-carry thermos for transporting your piping-hot beverage from place to place.

We’ve all hurried around town with an armful of things and a paper coffee cup clutched precariously in one hand, awkwardly trying not to drop it, bump it, or pop the lid off accidentally...

Luckily, those awkward days are behind us, thanks to this new flip-up handle that lets you tote your coffee with just one finger, if it’s all you’ve got available! 

The handle is conveniently positioned at the top of the lid, so it's easy to grab from inside your car or bag.

Don’t forget, just like cups from all the biggest coffee chains, they have a slim profile that fits perfectly into any cup holder!

2. It’s 100% Leak Proof & Keeps Your Coffee Hot

Perhaps most importantly, Greens Steel’s new Coffee Cup is vacuum-sealed and fully insulated, with a 100% leak proof top.

Take this reusable insulated cup to your favorite cafe and have the barista fill it up with a cappuccino, frozen frappe or double espresso… Then toss it in your bag for the walk back to the office! Those flimsy paper cups they give you “to-go” could never compete.

These stainless steel cups harness the reality of thermodynamics to prevent your hot coffee from going cold, or iced coffee from getting warm. Through double-wall vacuum insulation, it’s almost impossible for heat to escape or enter the cup without unscrewing the secure vacuum-sealed lid. When it’s time to take a sip, just pop open the easy-sip spout cover, then click it closed again for transport.

The durability of their construction ensures your coffee won’t leak in your bag, car, or on your lap.

Even the handle is made with longevity in mind – the hinges will flip open and clip shut for years on end.

1. Eco-Friendly Coffee Rituals

Did you know the average American drinks 3 coffees per day, which adds up to 1,095 coffees each per yearThat’s a lot of disposable cups going into landfill!

We hate waste and love our planet, so we created an antidote to throw-away paper coffee shop cups. Our new Greens Steel Coffee Cups are reusable, made of eco-friendly materials, and have incredible durability for repeated daily use on your coffee runs.

Each of the materials described above, including the material for the lid, is eco-friendly and is either biodegradable or extremely durable.

You can clean your Coffee Cup over and over for years to come without experiencing any taste or durability degradation.

Therefore, you won’t need to replace your Coffee Cup anytime soon. Talk about value for money!

What are you waiting for? Get a handle on the game-changing new Greens Steel Reusable Coffee Cup today. It comes in three available colors and two sizes depending on how much coffee you like in the morning before work!

Fefe | Greens Steel Coffee Connoisseur
Nevada, USA


Fuel your day with our new travel coffee cup. Your caffeine fix just got a serious “handle” on things…


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