5 Unexpected Places Your Kid's Greens Steel Bottle Shines

Help your kids show off their new hydration habits in style...

We hear you’ve taken a big step in ensuring your child’s health and hydration by equipping them with their very own favorite-colored Greens Steel Kids Bottle... 

As parents, we all know that’s something to celebrate! 

We thank you for choosing Greens Steel, and we know your kiddo does too. So, now what?

It’s time to put your kid’s snazzy new bottle to use! 

They see you toting your trusty water bottle with you everywhere you go; *shoutout to all our fellow healthy-hydration-habit parents!* and your kiddos will be eager to follow suit! 

Now, we know what you’re thinking… 

But don’t worry, you’ll never have to remind them not to forget their water bottle again, once they’ve got their hydration on hand in this special bottle that’s uniquely theirs.

A powerful lesson in responsibility emerges, and these baby-steps toward independence will help your kid step up to the task with flying colors. They’ll be keen to show off how grown up they are when they care for their belongings and their health. 

It’s win-win: They’ll get in the habit of drinking water more, misplacing their stuff less, all while becoming confident and proud of how responsible they are. 

A treat to celebrate their leaps and bounds in life lessons sounds like it’s in order to us! 

So where can your kids take their new Greens Steel bottle? Everywhere you take yours, naturally… Plus, here’s some other kid-approved outing ideas to get the ball rolling!

Check out these 5 handy places to bring your Greens Steel Kids Bottle: 

5. On Vacation

Ahh, vacations! 

Winter break is just a few chilly breezes away, and now is the time to plan your annual family getaway to somewhere tropical.   

With many leading international resorts and hotel groups making moves to eliminate single-use plastics like plastic cups and straws... 

Plan ahead for yourself and your kiddos when you come equipped with your own Greens Steel Water Bottles!

4. School

We bet by now you’ve put some of our sneaky methods into practice when encouraging your child to drink more water... (if not, check out our pro tips here!) And perhaps you even have a few of your own tricks up your sleeve. 

Hats off to you, as we know as parents that it’s not an easy task! 

Still, one of easiest ways to keep your kid hydrated is to simply make sure they have their water bottle handy.

Many parents report a lack of filtered, readily available water that’s on offer at schools these days, with water only being served to kids at break times, and only if they request it. 

The days of dashing to the water fountain are alarmingly becoming a distant memory of our school days way back when.

Make it a daily habit to fill it up fresh and send them to school with a clean, full water bottle every morning. 

That way your little ones will be able to wet their whistles mid-lesson, and stay adequately hydrated to stay sharp and concentrate all the way up until the bell.

3. Sports Practice

Having their water bottle at school is great, so why stop there?  

Our double-insulated stainless steel water bottles will keep their water crisp and fresh all day, even until after school sports practice! 

Not to mention, staying hydrated is especially important when engaging in physical activity to give them the energy they need to keep pushing to their personal best 

If it gets chilly at practice as the sun starts to set, pack along an extra bottle filled with energy-boosting hot cocoa to help them stay warm during warm-up! It’ll even stay toasty all day in their backpack until they’re ready to enjoy it, right before the coach blows the whistle to begin.

Your kid’s colorful Greens Steel water bottle is sure to stand out from the rest, preventing any possible mix-ups. Win-win!

2. Doctor/Dentist Appointment

We all know the wait at the doctor or dentist office can be brutal, and those measly plastic cups at the water cooler just doesn’t quite cut it (not to mention they’re another example of unnecessary single-use plastics)!

Show your pediatrician or optometrist that you’re taking initiative and ensuring your child’s health and hydration, one sip at a time and waste-free.

You’ll get extra brownie points from the dentist too when they see your kids are in the habit of drinking water rather than cavity-creating sodas or sugary juices! 

1. Bike Rides

That’s right, you can even have your kid bring their trusty water bottle along for the ride! 

Our water bottles are made of pure and durable 18/8 stainless steel, so you can keep your eyes on your kiddo as they master their training wheels.

Uphill pedaling is thirsty work, and they’ll remember to take a sip from their colorful bottle when they stop to smell the roses along the trail.

Taking a fun family bike ride (with the added opportunity for hydration lessons) couldn’t be a more wholesome bonding experience, if you ask our adventurous kiddos!

These bottles are truly child-proof and built to last, no matter what shenanigans they throw at it.

These are just some of the out-and-about places our little ones have gotten thirsty in the past, but before Greens Steel would have had to tough it out until we were somewhere we could get them a drink.

We’re sure your busy little adventurers will remind you of all the other places they can take their bottle when they’re getting their shoes on and packing a bag for their outings!


They’ll want to take this colorful companion on all their adventures…


So, what are you waiting for? 

Get out there and make some memories with your little family members, all the while keeping them hydrated with their durable, safe, and sustainable Greens Steel Kids Bottle! 

Here’s to happy, hydrated kids!

Maggie J.
Greens Steel Wellness Contributor
Philadelphia, USA

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