6 Ways Stainless Steel Drinkware Saves You Money

I'm sure we don’t need to remind you about all the environmental benefits of using stainless steel drinkware, not to mention how practical and stylish it is. There is, however, another massive advantage to using stainless steel for your hydration needs that might not have crossed your mind…

Did you know that using stainless steel drinkware can actually save you money?

From skipping the plastic cups every picnic to saving change at the coffee shop; making the switch to stainless steel drinkware is a smart investment that practically pays for itself!

Here’s 6 of the ways switching to Stainless Steel drinkware keeps money in your pocket:

6. No More Costly Single-Use Cups

There's nothing worse than spending a fortune on expensive plastic cups, only to see them being tossed into the trash after one single drink.

No matter how you slice it; disposable cups just don't make sense for the environment, practicality purposes, or for budgets! Stainless steel drinkware is the way to go as it's washable, reusable, and lasts forever. 

Make the switch with a couple of sets of durable stainless steel cups. They'll save you money when you're stocking up on party supplies, hard-wearing drinkware for the kids, or even for your next potluck gathering.

Skip the tacky red party cups and save the bucks for something more fun - like what you’re putting in it! ;)


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5. No More Broken Glass or mugs

Glass, crystal, and porcelain might be the most traditional choices for drinkware; But known for their durability and hardiness, they most certainly are not. One slip of the fingers and next thing you know, a catastrophe of shattered glass unfolds right before your eyes.

Unlike their more delicate counterparts, you never need to worry about stainless steel cups shattering if you drop them - this tough material handles everyday bumps like a champ!


What’s more frustrating than an incomplete set? Paying for a brand new glassware set every time one of your glasses breaks or chips really adds up, and mismatched drinkware just won’t cut it when you’ve got company over you’re trying to impress.

Avoid having a drinkware set that’s missing a few glasses due to breakages with stainless steel, the most durable material for reusable drinkware. To bring a burst of color to your drinkware cabinet, check out our fun and festive stainless steel Rainbow Cups set, perfect for both youngsters and the young-at-heart!


Next time you’re at your local coffee shop, ask them about their BYOC program - Bring Your Own Cup - that is!

You’d be surprised how many cafés offer discounts to those who take the eco-friendly route and bring their own reusable cup instead of opting for one of their disposable ones.

Depending on the store, you can often expect to save around 10c every time you buy a coffee with your reusable stainless steel coffee cup.

While it may not seem like much, if you buy a coffee every day for a year, that $36.50 in savings, or about two weeks' worth of coffee for free!

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Did we mention stainless steel drinkware is extremely versatile? Perfect for the daily commute, school run, picnics, camping, road trips, or wherever your adventures take you, a stainless steel BEAST Tumbler is the perfect travel companion.

Portable and insulated, you can pack your beverage from home and keep it hot (or cold) for hours. This way, you'll resist the need to cough up cash for a drink at the nearest café, convenience store or gas station when it's time for a pick-me-up.

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1. stops wasting your money on bottled water

Spending way too much on bottled water at the grocery store? Stainless steel water bottles put an end to the costly pursuit of purchasing and transporting water that you have readily available at home, for next to nothing!

Ditch bottled water for good when you send the kids to school with a stainless steel bottle, and bring one along on all your errands - keeping money in your pocket and guilt out of your conscience.

Better yet, Greens Steel bottles are insulated to keep your water, juice or iced tea cool: Just one more reason to get rid of those half-empty water bottles rolling around on the floor in your car!


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Available in 12oz, 17oz and 25oz sizes


Built to be budget-conscious, perfect for families and durable to last for years, stainless steel is a standout choice for drinkware these days.

Make the switch with Greens Steel and put an end to overspending on takeaway cups, bottled water and glass replacements for good!

Maggie Johnson | Greens Steel Lifestyle Contributor

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