Benefits of Stainless Steel for Reusable Drinkware

We are all aware of the dangers of drinking from single-use plastic water bottles. In an effort to help lessen our impact on the planet, and also to remove harmful chemicals from our lives, many people are choosing reusable stainless steel tumblers, stainless steel water bottles, and even stainless steel cups. If you are not aware of the benefits of choosing stainless steel for your reusable drinkware, we thought we could help shine a light on the benefits for you and your family. :)

Benefits of Stainless Steel for Reusable Drinkware

Stainless steel is essentially the rust-resistant variant of steel. It is capable of resisting the corrosive effects of nature and it is more appropriate for food preparation and storage than any other material available. It’s best for maintaining a good level of hygiene and it is easy to recycle and turn it into other useful items. With all of these benefits of stainless steel, it was only a matter of time before someone decided to make tumblers out of it. After all, it is a safer and more convenient option than plastic, glass, and silicone, but let’s take a look at some very good reasons that stainless-steel tumblers are so much safer to drink out of.

Why Stainless-Steel Tumblers are Safer:

Food grade material: Stainless steel is considered a high-quality, food-grade material by many health organizations around the world. It lasts a long time (ours come with a lifetime warranty) and can be cleaned very easily.

Less reactive: Compared to other types of metals, stainless steel doesn’t react to your food and beverages. Often, we use acidic ingredients such as vinegar and lemon juice in our food. Although they are weak acids, they still react very slowly with metals. The chemical substances that are created by this reaction with other metals could be harmful to our health. Stainless steel is designed to resist reaction with the weak acids that we use for cooking. Stainless steel tumblers could be used to keep homemade lemonade cold and you can be sure that no reaction will occur. Stainless steel keeps your liquids tasting good and there is no transfer of odor.

It doesn’t deteriorate: Stainless steel won’t decay over time. On the other hand, plastic often contains plenty of substances that can slowly decompose.  When plastic deteriorates (and that is when, not if) those chemicals could end up in our drinks. 

It doesn’t harbor bacteria: Some plastic materials may have very small pores where bacteria can stay. This could contaminate our food, which is not a good thing for our health. Stainless steel does not have these pores so bacteria is easily washed away.

It’s BPA free: Cheap plastic tumblers may not be made from food grade plastic. The wrong type of plastic can contain BPA’s, which could negatively affect our health. Stainless steel tumblers contain no BPA’s and are much safer than plastic ones.

It doesn’t cause poisoning: Aluminium tumblers could potentially cause poisoning if the liner degrades over time, whereas stainless steel does not.

It doesn’t dent easily: Stainless steel is steel and is very strong. If you drop a cheap aluminum tumbler, it could dent badly and there could be a small undetectable hole. The hole may not be big enough to cause a noticeable leak, but it could be big enough to let in bacteria or other foreign materials.

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