Prone to Coffee Jitters? Try These 5 Tricks to Stave Them Off

There’s nothing better than an energizing cup o’ joe to get you going, and many of us can’t imagine mornings without our coffee to welcome a new day. 

Always invigorating, this kick-starting superstar of a drink shines most of the time. But for some of us, those eye-opening sips of caffeinated bliss can also come with the dreaded coffee jitters. 

If you’ve ever experienced a racing heartbeat, twitchy hands, or clammy skin when you drink coffee, you’ll know these unpleasant side effects are a hefty price to pay to get your caffeine fix! 

Luckily, that edgy feeling can be avoided if you take these 5 easy precautions.  

Here’s how to enjoy your favorite pick-me-up and all its benefits... minus the coffee jitters! 

5. Have a Snack First

Want to avoid coffee jitters? Try eating a snack before drinking your brew! Giving your stomach something else to digest will slow down the caffeine absorption and, therefore, make coffee jitters a lot less likely.

Even better, there are tons of tasty snacks that go perfectly with a cup of coffee, including pastries or bagels.


You'll also want to keep yourself hydrated in general. It's easier to get coffee jitters if your body is dehydrated to some extent, as your body will absorb the caffeine more quickly to hydrate itself.

As with food, drinking some water beforehand can help stave off coffee jitters and keep your energy levels up overall. It’s easy to become fatigued or unfocused when you don’t have enough hydration in your system.

Fill up your BEAST  with coffee and carry along your Greens Steel Water Bottle so you can stay well-hydrated and vibrant all day without feeling that coffee edginess!

3. wait an Hour After waking up before having a coffee

What about staving off coffee jitters first thing in the morning? A good rule of thumb is to wait about an hour after waking up before having your first cup of coffee.

Not only does this make it more likely that you followed the above two rules (because you’re hungry and thirsty when you first wake up), but it also prevents you from chugging your coffee too quickly to get those two hunger and thirst needs in check.

As an added benefit, waiting about an hour after waking up will help the caffeine from the coffee extend further into your morning. You won’t be hankering for your second cup as early as 11:30 in the morning if you waited a while to have your first.

2. Take a Walk

If you feel a bit jumpy after drinking coffee, give your body an outlet for some of that excess energy it feels and take a walk. While this might not eliminate the jitters entirely, a brisk walk can help calm your system down and steady any twitchy sensations in your hands and feet.

Walking burns some calories and is decent cardiovascular exercise, which is its own reward. It also has the benefit of getting your blood moving, your motivation fired up and your creative juices flowing, so you’ll be feeling more switched-on as an added result.

1. Don’t Drink Too Much Too Fast

Lastly – don’t drink three cups of coffee in quick succession! Many of us are guilty of drinking several cups of coffee first thing in the morning since we assume coffee is supposed to energize us right away.

When the first cup of coffee doesn’t result in instant alertness, you might have a second cup of coffee, then a third, and so on. Remember, it takes around 30-60 minutes for caffeine to reach its peak levels in the bloodstream, so give it a while to do its thing before reaching for a refill!

Even the most caffeine-tolerant people can get a case of the jitters if drinking coffee too fast, too frequently, on an empty stomach, or with a dehydrated body.

Following these 5 tips can help you get that boost you need without the unpleasant side effects.

If however, you still feel edgy or jittery after a cup of coffee, you can also try limiting your consumption or even trying out coffee beans with a lower caffeine level.

Here’s to feeling energized, focused and calm while getting that coffee kick!

Justin | Greens Steel Wellness Contributor
Maine, USA


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